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Videotape Trading Policies

These are mostly in EP (aka SLP).  Some are copies.  Most of the information I put on there is from my memory so it may not all be accurate.

When it says "direct from TV" that is usually right, but sometimes I tape a show in SP speed and then copy it over to another tape in SLP/EP speed, so it may be a copy.

Links are to my pages for those shows.

Although I have listed DVD's, I'm not sure if I can copy them or not (haven't tried).
I have not updated my list in about 6 years, so feel free to email me about anything more recent, I might have it....

If you haven't already contacted me, please read this carefully first.


  • When I do trade, it will ONLY for things I want, so please see my want list first.  You may also give me beanie babies (see list below), volunteer to work for my site, or give me a DVD from this list.

  • Please keep in mind that I do not sell tapes or accept money for compensation, nor do I copy prerecorded material. That is illegal.

  • If you have nothing to trade for in the way of tapes or DVD's, I will not trade with you.  I just don't have the time to do it any more for blank tapes and just for being nice. Sorry! 

  • Beanie Babies

    • (peace sign) bear with sign outlined, 2005 Holiday, 4-H, A-Alphabet, Adore, Ai, Alani, Alberta Wild Rose, America red, American Blessing, Aotearoa, Astra, Atlanta, Australia, Aware, B-Alphabet Bear, Bearon-brown, Bidder, Big Apple, Bits, Blitz, Blue, Bonnet, Bonzer, Books (blue), Books (red), Boston, British Columbia Pacific Dogwood, Brownie, Bunga-Raya, California, C-Alphabet, Canada, Champion - many others, Chicago, Chilly, Chinook, Cinta, Clover, Clubby III, Clubby VI-blue, Clubby VI-purple, Clubby VI-rainbow, Colorado, Colorado Columbine, Columbus, Comet, Coral Casino, Coreana, Count, Countdown, Cubbie, Dad (2 kinds), Dad-e, Dad-e, Dad-e, Daffodil, D-Alphabet, Dearly, Decade-brown, Decade-hot pink, Denver, Deutschland (flag nose), Discover, Dusty, Eggbeart, Eggs 2005, England (with heart), F-Alphabet, February, Florida, Founders, Freiherr von Schwarz, Friedrich, G-Alphabet, Georgia, Georgia Cherokee Rose, Germany, Goody, Graf von Rot, Grandfather, Grandmother, Grizzwald, H-Alphabet, Hannah, Happy Birthday (plain brown), Happy Birthday (reddish brown), Happy Hanukkah, Hawaii, Hawthorne, Heartthrob, HERO-Australia, HERO-UK, HERO-USA with flag on shoulder, Herschel, Hikari, Hocus, Hollydays, I-alphabet, Illinois, Ireland, Jack (flag nose), J-alphabet, Japan, Joaquim, K-alphabet, Kanata, Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas Sunflower, Killarney, KISS-e, Kissy, Kiwiana, Koowee, Korea, L-alphabet, Las Vegas, Lex, LIBERT-e, Liberty-blue, Liberty-white, Li-Mei, Little Star, London, LUCK-e, M.C. Beanie (5 different), Maju, Malaysia, M-alphabet, Masque, Massachusetts, Massachusetts Mayflower, Merry Kiss-mas, Merrybelle, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Minnesota Lady's-slipper, Mom-e, Mom-e (2003), Mom-e (2005), N-alphabet, Nara, Negaraku, New Jersey, New York (NY), New York Rose, New York State, New Zealand, Nina, Northland, O-alphabet, Ocker, Ohio, Ohio Scarlet Carnation, Ontario White Trillium, P.F.C., P-alphabet, Pappa (2004), Patriot with flag on left foot, Peking, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel, Philadelphia, Pinta, Pippo, Pirouette, Pittsburgh, Plymouth, Pocus, Pompey, Pooky, Premier, Promise (blue), Promise (brown), Prunella, Q-alphabet, Quebec Iris Versicolor, R-alphabet, Red, Ronald McDonald, Rose, Sakura, Sakura II, S-alphabet, San Francisco, Santa Maria, Sapphire, Scotland (flag), Scotland (heart), Seattle, Sherbet-blue, Silver, Singabear, Singapore, Smash, SMOOCH-e, Snips, Spangle-blue face, Spangle-white face, Sparkles, Star (silver star), Starlight-black, Starlight-white, Starry, Stockings, T-Alphabet, Tasty, Tennessee, Texas, Texas Bluebonnet, Thank You (2004), Thank You-blue, Thank You-red, Thistle, Toronto, True, U-alphabet, Union (black nose), Unity, V-alphabet, Vanda, Victory, W-alphabet, Washington, Washington D.C., Washington Rhododendron, White, William (2 different flags), Wirabear, X-alphabet, Y-alphabet, Yummy, Z-alphabet

    • VERY RARE:  
      Piñata (black nose), Piñata (flag nose), #1, Billionaire Bear 1, Billionaire Bear 2, Billionaire Bear 3, Billionaire Bear 4,
      Billionaire Bear 5, Billionaire Bear 6, Billionaire Bear 7, Billionaire Bear 8, Buddy-Employee Bear, Teddy (5 other colors)
      Here are some online stores to find them: Allbeanies.com and Affordablebeanies.com
       --NOTE the cheapest ones can be bought in gift shops like Hallmark.  All can be found at Ebay.

    or I will also accept certain Beanie Buddies if they are bears.  

  • For people I have already talked to: to see what I am looking for, go to my Want List and see if you have anything I want. But you may have stuff that I want that is not on there, like movies and specials or other shows that I haven't thought of. So give it a try anyway!

  • Check out my lists to see what I have!

    Please also let me know if you want me to put your list or email address on my "Other Video Lists" page for other collectors, or link to your page.

    When you send me your tapes, please include a note to remind me what I am copying for you, as I do a lot of copying for friends and acquaintances, as well as for myself. We will need to exchange addresses and work out what speed and brand of tape you prefer.

    I prefer high quality tapes, any brand that I've heard of. I usually prefer ep (also known as slp) speed, but it depends. My standards of copy quality may be lower than yours, as I'm not particularly picky. When copying I usually take the commercials out of shows, so I would appreciate it if you'd do the same (but this is not a hard and fast rule).

    I do not have Super VHS or a Hi-Fi vcr, sorry. I have two regular VCR's, one an RCA and one a Lögik. They do ep, lp and sp speeds.  Many of my shows are recorded originally on EP speed and some of them are old, so the copies won't be great.  I also have a DVD recorder so I can put shows on DVD.

    Another word on tracking, for those who have not seen much copying between different vcr's: Between vcr's, tracking can be a problem. And I don't mean just normal tracking that you can adjust with the tracking dial. All vcr's are different, and OFTEN if you tape from one, it just WILL NOT track properly on another. Unfortunately there's not much you can do about this besides take your vcr in to be "tracked" . Believe me, I know. I have had many different vcr's and they all tracked slightly differently.  Older ones are the worst unless they are really expensive ones. This is not just on my machine, but on others as well. I have had a couple of people I trade with complain about this; they had not traded with people before and encountered this problem. Sometimes I am fortunate and the person I'm trading with has a vcr that tracks similarly so there is no problem. But there is no way of telling, unfortunately. Personally, I don't care about lines on the stuff; I can tell the difference between something that is an outright "bad" recording and one that is just tracking poorly on my machines. As long as I can watch it, it doesn't bother me. For some reason the ones that are prerecorded (that you buy or rent) do not have this problem. Makes sense--they couldn't do that and expect to sell or rent them. But it happens when you record your own stuff. Just a warning in case you are picky about this sort of thing.  

    Last but not least, I do my best at copying tapes as fast as I can, but between real life and taping my own stuff, I can't always do it that fast (my vcr's only record at regular speed). This is especially true if we're trading a lot. But you will get it, eventually, if I have promised to do it.

    When we're ready to trade, I will give you my address.

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