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SP-Z TV Episodes

These are mostly in EP (aka SLP).  Some are copies.  Most of the information I put on there is from my memory so it may not all be accurate.

When it says "direct from TV" that is usually right, but sometimes I tape a show in SP speed and then copy it over to another tape in SLP/EP speed, so it may be a copy.

Links are to my pages for those shows.

Although I have listed DVD's, I'm not sure if I can copy them or not (haven't tried).
I have not updated my list in about 6 years, so feel free to email me about anything more recent, I might have it....

Space: Above and Beyond   (1995-1996) (all episodes) SLP/EP direct from FOX (original airings) (except for a couple from Scifi Channel)

     Pilot, The Farthest Man from Home, the Dark Side of the Moon, Mutiny, Butts, Eyes, The Enemy, A Hostile Visit, Stay With the Dead, River of Stars, Who Monitors the Birds, Never No More, The Angriest Angel, Toy Soldiers, Dear Earth, Level of Necessity, R&R, And if They Lay Us Down to Rest, Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best, Pearly,  Stardust, Sugar Dirt

Spenser: for Hire  (1985-1988)   SLP/EP direct from Lifetime

     first episode

Stage   SLP/EP direct from PBS and A&E

     The Andrew Lloyd Webber Story
    Christmas in Vienna
    Follies in Concert
    Handel's Messiah w/St. Martin's in the Field Academy
    Jessye Norman Christmas Special 
    Leonard Bernstein Place: a Musicale in Celebration of
Leonard Bernstein's 75th Birthday
    Les Miserable: Song by Song  
    Linda McCartney: Behind the Lens  
    The Making of West Side Story 
    Michael Caine on Acting
    Paul Simon: Solo
    Sherlock Holmes starring Frank Langella
    The Showboat Story
    Sweeney Todd
    Together...Kiri and Andre on Broadway

St. Elsewhere     (1982-1988)    SLP/EP direct from TVLAND

    2-Bypass, 3-Down's Syndrome, 4-Cora and Arnie, 5-Samuels and the Kid, 6-Legionnaires Part 1, 7-Legionnaires Part 2, 8-Tweety and Ralph, 9-Rain, 10-Hearts, 11-Graveyard, 12-Release, 13-Family History, 14-Remission, 16-The Count, 17-Brothers,18-Dog Day Hospital, 19-Working, 20-Craig In Love, 21-Baron von Munchausen, 22-Addiction, 23-Ties That Bind, 24-Lust et Veritas, 25-Newheart, 26-Qui Transtulit Sustinet, 27-A Wing and a Prayer, 28-Under Pressure, 29-Entrapment, 30-All About Eve, 31-AIDS and Comfort, 32-A Pig Too Far, 33-Blizzard, 34-Hearing, 35-In Sickness and in Health, 36-Drama Center, 37-Attack, 38-After Dark, 39-Vanity, 40-Equinox, 41-The Women, 42-Cramming, 43-Rough Cut, 44-Hello and Goodbye, 45-Playing God (Part 1), 46-Playing God (Part 2), 47-Two Balls and a Strike, 48-Strike Out, 49-Breathless, 50-My Aim Is True, 51-Fade to White, 52-Sweet Dreams, 53-Up on the Roof, 54-Girls Just Want to Have Fun, 55-Homecoming, 56-The Children's Hour, 57-Dr. Wyler, I Presume?, 58-Whistle, Wylie Works, 59-Bye, George, 60-Saving Face, 61-Give the Boy a Hand, 62-Any Portrait in a Storm, 63-Red, White, Black, and Blue, 64-Amazing Face, 65-Murder, She Wrote, 66-Tears of a Clown, 67-Bang the Eardrum Slowly, 68-Cheers, 69-Remembrance of Things Past, 70-Fathers and Sons, 71-Haunted, 72-The Naked and The Dead, 73-Slice O'Life, 74-Lost and Found in Space, 75-Close Encounters, 76-Watch the Skies, 77-Sanctuary, 81-To Tell the Truth, 82-Family Ties, 83-Family Feud, 84-Family Affair, 85-Time Heals (Part 1), 86-Time Heals (Part 2), 87-Out on a Limb, 88-Come Home, Oh Sapien, 89-Check to Check, 90-Black's Magic, 91-The Equalizer, 92-E.R., 93-Where There's Hope There's Crosby, 94-When You Wish Upon a Scar, 95-A Room With a View, 96-Brand New Bag, 97-You Beta Your Life, 98-Not My Type, 99-Up and Down, 100-Nothing Up My Sleeve, 101-Afterlife, 102-Once Upon a Mattress, 103-Lost Weekend, 104-Cold War, 105-Russian Roulette, 106-Visiting Daze, 107-Getting Ahead, 108-Jose Can You See?, 109-Schwarzwald, 110-You Again?, 111-Rites of Passage, 112-Women Unchained, 113-Good Vibrations, 114-Slip Sliding Away, 115-Last Dance at the Wrecker's Ball, 116-Resurrection, 117-The Idiot & the Odyssey, 118-A Moon for the Misbegotten, 119-Ewe Can't Go Home Again, 120-Night of the Living Bed, 121-The He-Man Woman-Haters Club, 122-Handoff, 123-Heart On, 124-Weigh In--Way Out, 125-No Chemo, Sabe?, 126-A Coupla White Dummies Sitting, 127-Final Cut, 129-Curtains, 130-Fairytale Theater, 131-Down and Out on Beacon Hill, 132-Their Town, 133-The Naked Civil Surgeon, 134-Requiem for a Heavyweight, 135-Split Decision, 136-The Abby Singer Show, 137-The Last One

  Missing: 1-Pilot, 15-Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day, 78-Loss of Power, 79-Santa Claus Is Dead, 80-The Boom Boom Womb,128-Heaven's Skate

Starsky and Hutch     (1975-1979)    SLP/EP direct from TNT

     pilot, first episode

Star Trek  (1966-1969)  (all episodes)

     The Cage SLP/EP direct from TV 

In Italian, SP Speed
Where No Man Has Gone Before --Oltre La Galassia  
The Man Trap --Trappola Umana 
Charlie X --
Il Nauficago Delle Stelle 
Dagger of the Mind --Transmissione in Pensiero 
Return of the Archons --Ritorno Degli Archonti 
Space Seed --Spazio Profondo 
City on the Edge of Forever --Uccidere Per Amore
Mirror, Mirror --Specchio, Specchio
The Ultimate Computer --Il Computer Che Uccide
Elaan of Troyius --Eleni di Troia
Whom Gods Destroy --Il Sogno di Un Folle
Patterns of Force --Gli Schemi Della Forza
Breads and Circuses --Nell Arena Coi Gladiatori 
Platoís Stepchildren --Umiliati Per Forza Maggiore  
And The Children Shall Lead --Sul Planeta Triacon

 SP Speed from prerecorded tapes
The Man Trap
    Charlie X
    Where No Man Has Gone Before
    The Naked Time
    The Enemy Within
    Mudd's Women
    What Are Little Girls Made Of?
    Dagger of the Mind
    The Corbomite Maneuver
    The Menagerie (1)
    The Menagerie (II)
    The Conscience of the King
    Balance of Terror
    Shore Leave
    The Galileo Seven
    The Squire of Gothos
    Tomorrow is Yesterday
    The Return of the Archons
    Space Seed
    A Taste of Armageddon
    This Side of Paradise
    The Devil in the Dark
    Errand of Mercy
    The Alternative Factor
    The City on the Edge of Forever
    Operation: Annihilate!

2nd Season 1967

    Amok Time
    Who Mourns for Adonis?
    The Changeling
    Mirror, Mirror
    The Apple
    The Doomsday Machine
    I, Mudd
    Journey to Babel
    Friday's Child
    The Deadly Years
    Wolf in the Fold
    The Trouble With Tribbles
    The Gamesters of Triskelion

    A Piece of the Action
    The Immunity Syndrome
    A Private Little War
    Return to Tomorrow
    Patterns of Force
    By Any Other Name
    The Omega Glory
    The Ultimate Computer
    Bread and Circuses
    Assignment: Earth

3rd Season 1968

    Spock's Brain
    The Enterprise Incident
    The Paradise Syndrome
    And the Children Shall Lead
    Is There in Truth No Beauty?
    Spectre of the Gun
    The Day of the Dove
    For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
    The Tholian Web
    Plato's Stepchildren
    Wink of an Eye
    The Empath
    Elaan of Troyius
    Whom Gods Destroy
    Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
    The Mark of Gideon
    That Which Survives
    The Lights of Zetar
    Requiem for Methuselah
    The Way to Eden
    The Cloud Minders
    The Savage Curtain
    All Our Yesterdays
    Turnabout Intruder

Star Trek: The Special Edition --Mostly with commercials, 90 minutes long (parts are just background stuff)

     Hosted by William Shatner:

     The Enemy Within, Muddís Women, What Are Little Girls Made Of?, Miri, Dagger of the Mind, The Corbomite Maneuver (p), Menagerie I, Menagerie II, Conscience of the King, City on the Edge of Forever, Amok Time (p), The Changeling (p), Mirror, Mirror (p), The Apple, The Doomsday Machine, I, Mudd, Metamorphosis, Wolf in the Fold, Trouble with Tribbles, A Piece of the Action, A Private Little War, The Devil in the Dark, Errand of Mercy, The Alternative Factor, Fridayís Child, The Deadly Years, Shore Leave, Galileo 7, The Squire of Gothos, Arena, Court Martial, Return of the Archons (p), Space Seed, A Taste of Armageddon, This Side of Paradise, Return to Tomorrow, Patterns of Force, The Ultimate Computer, Breads and Circuses, Elaan of Troyius, The Lights of Zetar, Requiem for Methuselah, Way to Eden (p), Spockís Brain, The Enterprise Incident, Whom Gods Destroy, That Which Survives, Day of the Dove, For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky, The Tholian Web, Wink of an Eye, The Cloud Minders, The Savage Curtain, Turnabout Intruder

     Hosted by Leonard Nimoy, mostly excerpts:

     Where No Man Has Gone Before, The Enemy Within (p), Muddís Women (p), What Are Little Girls Made Of? (p), Miri, Dagger of the Mind  (p), The Corbomite Maneuver, Menagerie I , Menagerie II (p), Balance of Terror, Squire of Gothos (p), A Private Little War (p), Tomorrow Is Yesterday (p), Court Martial (p), Return of the Archons (p), Space Seed (p), Errand of Mercy (p), The Alternative Factor (p), Conscience of the King (p), City on the Edge of Forever  

Star Trek: The Animated Series    (1973-1975)  (all episodes)  SLP/EP copies from trade, not great

     More Tribbles, More Troubles, The Infinite Vulcan, Yesteryear, Beyond the Farthest Star, The Survivor, The Lorelei Signal, One of Our Planets Is Missing, Muddís Passion, The Magicks of Megas-Tu, The Time Trap, The Slaver Weapon, The Ambergris Element, The Jihad, The Terratin Incident, The Eye of the Beholder, Once Upon a Planet, BEM, Albatross, The Pirates of Orion, The Practical Joker, How Sharper Than a Serpentís Tooth, The Counter-Clock Incident

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine    (1992-1998) (all episodes) SLP/EP direct from TV

     Emissary, Past Prologue, A Man Alone, Babel, Captive Pursuit, Q-Less, Dax, The Passenger, Move Along Home, The Nagus, Vortex, Battle Lines, The Storyteller, Progress, If Wishes Were Horses, The Forsaken, Dramatis Personae, Duet, In the Hands of the Prophets, The Homecoming, The Circle, The Siege, Invasive Procedures, Cardassians, Melora, Rules of Acquisition, Necessary Evil, Second Sight,  Sanctuary, Rivals, The Alternate, Armageddon Game, Whispers, Paradise, Shadowplay, Playing God, Profit and Loss,  Blood Oath, The Maquis, Part 1, The Maquis, Part 2, The Wire, Crossover, The Collaborator, Tribunal, The Jem'Hadar, The Search, Part I, The Search, Part 2, The House of Quark, Equilibrium,  Second Skin, The Abandoned, Civil Defense, Meridian, Defiant, Fascination, Past Tense, Part I, Past Tense, Part II, Life Support, Heart of Stone, Destiny, Prophet Motive, Visionary, Through the Looking Glass, Distant Voices, Improbable Cause, The Die Is Cast, Explorers, Family Business, Shakaar, Facets, The Adversary, The Way of  the Warrior, The Visitor, The  Hippocratic Oath, Indescretion, Rejoined, Little Green Men, Brother's Keeper, Starship Down, The Sword of Kahless, Homefront, Paradise Lost, Crossfire, Return to Grace, Sons of Mogh, Bar Association, Accession, Rules of Engagement, Shattered Mirror, The Muse, For the Cause, To the Death, The Quickening, Body Parts, Broken Link, The Ship, Looking for Parmach in All the Wrong Places, Nor the Battle to the Strong, The Assignment, Trials and Tribble-ations, Let He Who IsÖ, Things Past, The Ascent, Rapture, Apocalypse Rising, The Darkness and the Light, The Begotten, For the Uniform, In Purgatoryís Shadow, By Infernoís Light, Dr. Bashir, I Presume, A Simple Investigation, Business As Usual, Ties of Blood and Water, Ferengi Love Songs, Soldiers of the Empire, Children of Time, Blaze of Glory, Empok Nor, In the Cards, Call to Arms, A Time to Stand, Sons and Daughters, Behind the Lines, Favor the Bold, Sacrifice of Angels, You Are Cordially Invited, Statistical Probabilities, Resurrection, The Magnificent Ferengi, Waltz, Who Mourns for Morn?, Far Beyond the Stars, One Little Ship, Honor Among Thieves, Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night, Resurrection In French, Inquisition, In the Pale Moonlight, His Way, Valiant, Profit and Lace, Out of Time, The Sound of Her Voice, Tears of The Prophets, Change of Heart, Profit and Lace, Image in the sand, Chrysalis, Treachery, Faith, and the Great River, One More Time Unto the Breach, The Siege of AR-558, Shadows and Symbols, Take me Out to the Holosuite, Covenant, Itís Only a Paper Moon, Prodigal Daughter, Afterimage, The Emperorís New Cloak, Field of Fire, Bada-Bing, Badda-Bang,Penumbra, Chimera, Til Death Do Us Part, Strange Bedfellows, The Changing Face of Evil, When it Rains, Tacking Into the WindInter Arma Enim Silent Leges, Extreme Measures

Star Trek: the Next Generation     (1987-1994)   (all episodes) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings for the most part)

     Encounter at Farpoint, The Naked Now, Code of Honor, The Last Outpost, Where No One Has Gone Before, Lonely Among Us, Justice, The Battle, Hide and Q, Haven, The Big Goodbye, Datalore, Angel One, 11001001, Too Short a Season, When the Bough Breaks, Home Soil, Coming of Age, Heart of Glory, Arsenal of Freedom, Symbiosis, Skin of Evil, We'll Always Have Paris, Conspiracy, The Neutral Zone, The Child, Where Silence Has Lease, Elementary, My Dear Data, The Outrageous  Okona, Loud As a Whisper, The Schizoid Man, Unnatural Selection, A Matter of Honor, The Measure of a Man, The Dauphin, Contagion, The Royale, Time Squared,  The Icarus Factor, Pen Pals, Q Who, Samaritan Snare, Up the Long Ladder, Manhunt, The Emissary, Peak Performance, Shades of Grey, Evolution, The Ensigns of Command, The Survivors, Who Watches the Watchers?, The Bonding, Booby Trap, The Price, The Enemy, The Vengeance Factor, The Survivors in German, Who Watches the Watchers? in German, The Bonding in German, The Ensigns of Command in German, Evolution, The Measure of a Man, The High Ground in German, The Defector, The Hunted, The High Ground, Deja Q, A Matter of Perspective, Yesterday's Enterprise, The Offspring, The Sins of the Fathers, Allegiance, Captain's Holiday, Tin Man, Hollow Pursuits, The Most Toys, Sarek, Menage a Trois, Transfigurations, The Best of Both Worlds Part 1, The Best of Both Worlds Part 2, Family, Brothers, Suddenly Human,  Remember Me, Legacy, Reunion, Future Imperfect, Final Mission, The Loss, Data's Day, The Wounded, Devil's Due, Clues, First Contact, Galaxy's Child, Night Terrors, Identity Crisis, The Nth Degree, Qpid, The Drumhead, Half a Life, The Host, In Theory, Mind's Eye, Redemption, Redemption II, Darmok, Ensign Ro, Silicon Avatar, Disaster, The Game, Unification I, Unification II, A Matter of Time, New Ground, Hero Worship, Violations, The Masterpiece Society, Conundrum, Power Play, Ethics, The Outcast, Cause and Effect, The First Duty, Cost of Living, The Perfect Mate, Imaginary Friend, I, Borg, The Next Phase, The Inner Light, Time's Arrow, Time's Arrow II, Realm of Fear, Man of the People, Relics, Schisms, True Q, Rascals, A Fistful of Data, Quality of Life, Chain of Command Part 1, Chain of Command Part 2, Ship in a Bottle, Aquiel, Face of  the Enemy, Tapestry, Birthright Part 1, Birthright Part 2, Starship Mine, Lessons, The Chase, Frame of Mind, Suspicions, Rightful Heir, Second Chances, Timephase, Descent, Descent, Part 2, Liaisons, Interface, Gambit, Part 1, Gambit, Part 2, Phantasms, Dark Page, Attached, Force of Nature, Inheritance, Parallels, The Pegasus, Homeward, Sub Rosa, Lower Decks, Thine Own Masks, Eye of the Beholder, Genesis, Journey's End, Firstborn, Bloodlines, Emergence, Preemptive Strike, All Good Things...

Star Trek: Voyager    (1995-present)    (almost all episodes) SLP/EP direct from UPN (original airings)

     Caretaker, Parallax, Time and Again, Phage, The Cloud, Eye of the Needle, Ex Post Facto, Emanations, Prime Factors, State of Flux, Heroes and Demons, Cathexis, Faces, Jetrel, Learning Curve, The 37's, Initiation, Projections, Elogium, Non Sequitur, Twisted, Parturition, Persistence of Vision, Tattoo, Cold Fire, Maneuvers, Resistance, Prototype, Alliances, Threshold, Meld, Dreadnaught, Death Wish, Lifesigns, Investigations, Deadlock, The Thaw,  Innocence, Tuvix, Resolution, Basics Part 1

Season 3

     Basics Part 2, Sacred Ground, False Profits, Flashback, The Chute, The Swarm, False Profits, Remember, Sacred Ground, Future's End, Warlord, The Q and the Grey, Macrocosm, Fair Trade, Alter Ego, Dreadnought, Death Wish, Coda, Blood Fever, Unity, The Darkling, Rise, Before and After, Real Life, Distant Origin, Displaced, Worst Case Scenario, Scorpion, Favorite Son

Season 4

     Scorpion, Part II,  The Gift, Day of Honor, Nemesis, Revulsion, The Raven, Scientific Method, The Year of Hell Part I , The Year of Hell Part II, Random Thoughts, Concerning Flight, Mortal Coil, Waking Moments, Message in a Bottle, Hunters, Prey, Retrospect, Vis a Vis, The Omega Directive, Unforgettable, Living Witness, Demon, One, Hope and Fear, Drone, Extreme Risk, In the Flesh, Once Upon a Time, Timeless, Infinite Regress, Nothing Human, Juggernaut, Dark Frontier, The Disease (part 2), Course: Oblivion, The Fight, Counterpoint, Think Tank, Juggernaut, Thirty Days, Unforgettable (not great copy), Latent Image, Bride of Chaotica!, Gravity, Bliss, Someone to Watch Over Me, 11:59, Relativity, Warhead, The Disease (part 1), Equinox 1, Equinox II, Barge of the Dead, Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy, Alice, Riddles, Dragonís Teeth, The Voyager Conspiracy, Pathfinder, Fair Haven, Blink of an Eye, Virtuoso, Memorial, Tsunkatse, Collective, Ashes to Ashes, Child's Play, Good Shepherd, Live Fast and Prosper,  Muse, Life Line, The Haunting of Deck Twelve, Unimatrix Zero

Missing: Survival Instinct, One Small Step, Spirit Folk, Fury

Stargate SG-1     (1997-2007)    SLP/EP from Showtime and also many SL speed from SciFi

1st Season    

     Children of the Gods, The Enemy Within, Emancipation, Broca Divide, The First Commandment, Cold Lazarus, The Nox, Brief Candle, Thorís Hammer, The Torment of Tantalus, Bloodlines, Fire and Water, Hathor, Singularity, Cor-A1, Enigma, Solitudes, Tin Man, There But for the Grace of God, Politics, Within the Serpentís Grasp

2nd Season

     Serpentís Lair, In The Line of Duty, Prisoners, Gamekeeper, Need, Thor's Chariot, Message in a Bottle, Family, Secrets, Bane, The Tokra, Touchstone, Spirits, The Fifth Race, A Matter of Time, A Matter of Time, Holiday, One False Step, Serpentís Song, Show and Tell, Out of Mind, 1969, 

3rd Season

Seth, Fair Game, Dead Manís Switch, Demons, Legacy (p), Point of View, Forever in a Day, Jolinarís Memories, The Devil You Know, Learning Curve, The Hundred Days,Crystal Skull, Demons,  Maternal Instinct, New Ground, Urgo, Pretense,

Missing: Nemesis, Past and Present, Rules of Engagement, Into The Fire, Foothold, Shades Of Grey,

 4th Season

Missing: Small Victories, The Other Side, Upgrades, Crossroads, Divide and Conquer, Window of Opportunity, Watergate, The First Ones, Scorched Earth, Beneath the Surface, Point of No Return, Tangent, The Curse, Serpent's Venom 

Sunday Best      (1991)     SLP/EP direct from TV (original airing)

     second episode

Sunset Beach     (1997-1999)     SP direct from NBC (original airings)

                Last month of show 12/1/99 to 12/31/99

Superman      (1948-1951)   (all episodes)   SLP/EP direct from AMC

     first serial --
1. Superman Comes to Earth 
2. Depths of the Earth
3. The Reducer Ray  
4. Man of Steel  
5. A Job for Superman  
6. Superman in Danger
7. Into the Electric Furnace
8. Superman to the Rescue 
9. Irresistable Force  
10. Between Two Fires
11. Superman's Dilemma
12. Blast in the Depths
13. Hurled to Destruction
14. Superman at Bay  
15. The Payoff

     Atom Man Vs. Superman
1. Superman Flies Again
2. Atom Man Appears
3. Ablaze in the Sky 
4. Superman Meets Atom Man 
5. Atom Man Tricks Superman 
6. Atom Man's Challenge 
7. At the Mercy of Atom Man 
8. Into the Empty Doom  
9. The Mercy of Atom Man 
10. Atom Man's Heat Ray 
11. Luthor's Strategy   
12. Atom Man Strikes   
13. Atom Man's Flying Saucers   
14. Rocket of Vengeance 
15. Superman Saves the World

Take a Letter, Mr. Jones  (1981)   SP prerecorded tape (British)

     The Interview, The Protector, The Holiday, The Japanese Contract, The Trade Fair, Business Before Pleasure

Tales from the Crypt    (1994-1996)    SLP/EP direct from Showtime (original airing)

     w/Kyle McLachlan

Tekwar (all episodes)  (1994-1995)     SLP/EP direct from TV (original airing)

     Tekwar, Teklords, Teklab, Tekjustice, Unknown Soldier, Tek Posse, Sellout, Promises to Keep, Alter Ego, Stay of Execution, Killer Instinct, Chill Factor, Deadline, Zero Tolerance, Carlotta's Room, Deep Cover, The Gate, Skin Deep, Redemption, Forget Me Not, Cyber Hunt

3rd Rock From the Sun (1996-2001)

     two assorted unknown episodes, Collect Call for Dick, Whatís Love Got to Do, Got to Do with Dick, I Am Dick Pentameter, D3: Judgment Day, Dickís Big Giant Headache

This Is Your Life (1952-1961)

     one episode w/Boris Karloff, one episode w/Shirley Jones

Time Cop (1997) SLP/EP some direct from ABC (original airings) and rest from SciFi

     last episode  (possibly more)

Time Machine

     Elvis (EL2)

To Tell the Truth

                Several episodes from the Game Show Network

Total Recall 2070 (1999) from trade

    all episodes

Tracey Takes On (1996-1999)

     One episode w/Finola Hughes

The Trials of Rosie O'Neal (1990-1992) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

     Christmas show w/Paul Williams, one other episode

T.V. Nation (1994-1995) (most episodes if not all)

     NBC episodes: Premiere (part), The New Ku Klux Klan, Third Show, Product Placement Night, TV Nation Day, Gun Nigh, Golf Night, 1994 Year-in-Review special
SECOND SEASON (FOX):  #1, Payback Night,  #3, Brotherly Love, Bully Reunion  Night,  #6, #7, assorted airings on Comedy Central

Twilight Zone (1959-1964)  SLP/EP direct from cable reruns

     Nothing in the Dark

Twilight Zone (2002) SLP/EP direct from UPN (original airings)

    a few episodes

Twin Peaks  (1990-1991) (all episodes)  SLP/EP direct from TV

(from original airing on ABC)

     1000 - 1006, 1007,2001 - 2006, 2007 - 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019,  2020, 2021,2022

(from BRAVO)

     2006-2008, 2011-2013, 2017, 2018

21 Jump Street  (1987-1991)


Viva Laughlin (2007) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airing)

    first episode

The Visitor (1997) (all episodes)

     Pilot, Fear of Flying, The Devil's Rainbow, Remember, The Black Box, Caged, Dreams, Teufelsnacht, Reunion, Going Home, Miracles,  Dreams, The Chain, The Trial

VR.5 (1995) (all episodes)

    Dr. Strangechild, Love and Death, 5D, Escape, Facing the Fire, Simon's Choice, The Many Faces of Alex, Sisters, Send Me an Angel, Parallel Lives

From the SCIFI Channel

     Dr. Strangechild, Love and Death, 5D, Escape, Facing the Fire, Simon's Choice, The Many Faces of Alex, Send Me an Angel, Parallel Lives, Reunion, Pilot, Sisters

War of the Worlds (1988-1990) (all episodes)

     first episode, The Last Supper, Goliath Is My Name, The Prodigal Son, He Feedeth the Lillies, The Meek Shall Inherit, The Raising of Lazarus, Among the Philistines, No Direction Home, Candle in the Night, True Believer, The Pied Piper, The Second Wave, Totally Real, The Resurrection, The Resurrection Pt. II, A Multitude of Idols, An Eye for an Eye, The Second Seal, Unto Us a Child Is Born, To Heal the Leper, Choirs of Angels, Dust to Dust Vengeance Is Mine, My Soul to Keep (p), So Shall Ye Reap, The Raising of Lazarus, Epiphany, The Good Samaritan, Among the Philistines, The Second Wave, No Direction Home, Doomsday, Breeding Ground, Seft of Emun, The Deadliest Disease, Path of Lives, Video Messiah

The West Wing (1999-2006)

   many episodes

Wild, Wild, West (1965-1969) (all episodes)

     The Night of the Inferno, The Night of the Deadly Bed, The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth, The Night of the Sudden Death, The Night of the Casual Killer, The Night of a Thousand Eyes, The Night of the Glowing Corpse, The Night of the Dancing Death, The Night of the Double-Edged Knife, The Night That Terror Stalked the Town, The Night of the Red-Eyed Madmen, The Night of the Human Trigger, The Night of the Torture Chamber, The Night of the Howling Light, The Night of the Fatal Trap, The Night of the Steel Assassin, The Night the Dragon Screamed, The Night of the Grand Emir, The Night of the Flaming Ghost, The Night of Whirring Death, The Night of the Puppeteer, The Night of the Bars of Hell, The Night of the Two-Legged Buffalo, The Night of the Druid's Blood, The Night of the Freebooters, The Night of the Burning Diamond, The Night of the Murderous Spring, The Night of the Sudden Plague, The Night of the Eccentrics, The Night of the Golden Cobra, The Night of the Raven, The Night of the Big Blast, The Night of the Returning Dead, The Night of the Flying Pie Plate, The Night of the Poisonous Posey, The Night of the Bottomless Pit, The Night of the Watery Death, The Night of the Green Terror, The Night of the Ready-Made Corpse, The Night of the Man-eating House, The Night of the Infernal Machine, The Night of the Skulls, The Night of the Lord of Limbo, The Night of the Tottering Tontine, The Night of the Feathered Fury, The Night of the Gypsy Peril, The Night of the Brain, The Night of the Vicious Valentine, The Night of the Tartar, The Night of the Deadly Bubble, The Night of the Surreal McCoy, The Night of the Colonel's Ghost, The Night of the Cadre, The Night of the Wolf, The Night of the Bogus Bandits, The Night of the Bubbling Death, The Night of the Firebrand, The Night Dr. Miguelito Loveless Died, The Night of the Legion of Death, The Night of the Assassin, The Night of the Jack O' Diamonds, The Night of the Samurai, The Night of the Hangman, The Night of the Montezuma's Hordes, The Night of the Circus of Death, The Night of the Falcon, The Night of the Cut-throats, The Night of the Turncoat, The Night of the Iron Fist, The Night of the Running Death, The Night of the Arrow, The Night of the Headless Woman, The Night of the Vipers, The Night of the Underground Terror, The Night of the Death Masks, The Night of the Amnesiacs, The Night of the Undead, The Night of the Simian Terror, The Night of the Deathmaker, The Night of the Big Blackmail, The Night of the Doomsday Formula, The Night of the Juggernaut, The Night of the Sedgewick Curse, The Night of the Gruesome Games (part) , The Night of the Kraken, The Night of the Fugitives, The Night of the Egyptian Queen, The Night of the Fire and Brimstone, The Night of the Camera, The Night of the Avaricious Actuary, The Night of Miguelito's Revenge, The Night of the Pelican, The Night of the Spanish Curse, he Night of the Winged Terror Part 1, The Night of the Winged Terror Part 2, The Night of the Sabatini Death, The Night of the Janus, The Night of the Pistoleros, The Night of the Diva, The Night of the Bleak Island, The Night of the Cossaks, The Night of the Tycoons, The Night of the Plague

Will & Grace (1998-2006) SLP/EP direct from NBC (original airings)

   one episode

Witchblade (2001-2002)

    many episodes

Without a Trace  (2002-2009)
SLP/EP direct from CBS (original airings)

    a few episodes

Women's Murder Club (2007) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

    a few episodes

The X-Files (1993-2002) (all episodes)  SLP/EP direct from TV (many are original airings)

 1st season 1993

001.  Pilot 
002. Deep Throat 
003. Squeeze  
004. Conduit 
005. The Jersey Devil
006. Shadows 
007. Ghost in the Machine  
008. Ice  
009. Space
010. Fallen Angel  
011. Eve  
012. Fire
013. Beyond the Sea 
014. Genderbender
015. Lazarus   
016. Young At Heart   
017. E.B.E.  
018. Miracle Man
019. Shapes 
020. Darkness Falls  
021. Tooms 
022. Born Again
023. Roland 
024. The Erlenmeyer Flask
2nd season
025. Little Green Men
026. The Host
027. Blood 
028. Sleepless 
029. Duane Barry 
030. Ascension 
031. 3
032. One Breath 
033. Firewalker
034. Red Museum bad copy
035. Excelsis Dei 
036. Aubrey
037. Irresistible
038. Die Hand Die Verlezt (His is the Hand That Wounds) 
039. Fresh Bones 
040. Colony 
041. End Game
042. Fearful Symmetry 
043. Dod Kalm
044. Humbug
045. The Calusari
046. F. Emasculata 
047. Soft Light 
048. Our Town 
049. Anasazi
3rd season
050. The Blessing Way   
051. Paper Clip 
052. D.P.O.    
053. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose 
054. The List 
055. 2Shy
056. The Walk
057. Oubliette
058. Nesei
059. 731
060. Revelations
061. War of the Coprophages
062. Syzygy 
063. Grotesque
064. Piper Maru
065. Apocrypha
066. Pusher 
067. Teso Dos Bichos
068. Hell Money 
069. Jose Chung's From Outer Space 
070. Avatar
071. Quagmire 
072. Wet Wired 
073. Talitha Cumi 
4th Season  
074. Herrenvolk
075. Home
076. Teliko
077. Unruhe
078. The Field Where I Died 
079. Sanguinarium 
080. Memoirs of a Cigarette-Smoking Man 
081. Tunguska
082. Terma 
083. Paper Hearts 
084. El Mundo Gira 
085. Leonard Betts
086. Never Again 
087. Memento Mori 
088. Kaddish 
089. Unrequited 
090. Tempus Fugit
091. Max 
092. Synchrony
093. Small Potatoes
094. Zero Sum
095. Elegy 
096. Demons
097. Gethesame
5th season
098. Redux (1) 
099. Redux (2) 
100. Unusual Suspects   
101. Detour
102. The Post-Modern Prometheus
103. Christmas Carol 
104. Emily
105. Kitsunegari 
106. Schizogeny 
107. Chinga
108. Kill Switch
109.  Bad Blood 
110. Patient X
111. The Red and the Black 
112. Travelers
113. Mind's Eye
114. All Souls 
115. The Pine Bluff Variant
116. Folie a Deux
117. The End
6th Season
X-Files: The Movie
118. The Beginning
119. Drive
120. Triangle [Ghost Ship] 
121. Dreamland
122. Dreamland II 
123. How The Ghosts Stole Christmas
124. Terms of Endearment
125. Rain King
126. Tithonus
127. S.R. 819
128. Two Fathers
129. One Son

130. Arcadia 
131. Agua Mala 
132. Monday (Mobius)
136.  Alpha
137.  Trevor
138.  Milagro
139.  Three of a Kind
140.  The Unnatural 
141.  Field Trip
142.  Biogenesis
7th Season
143.  The Sixth Extinction 
144. The Sixth Extinction:  Amor Fati 
145. Hungry
146. Millennium
147. Rush
148. The Goldberg Variation
149. Orison 
150. The Amazing Maleeni 
151. Signs & Wonders 
152. Sein Und Zeit  
153. Closure 
154. X-Cops  
155. First Person Shooter  
156. Theef  
157. En Ami  
158. Chimera  
159.  all things 
160. Brand X
161. Hollywood A.D. 
162. Fight Club 
163. Je Souhaite 
164. Requiem
8th Season
Via Negativa 
The Gift 
Per Manum 
This is Not Happening 
untitled 8X18 
untitled 8X17 

Yes, Minister (1980-1984) (all episodes)

Open Government, The Official Visit, The Economy Drive, Big Brother, The Writing on the Wall, The Right to Know, Jobs for the Boys, The Compassionate Society, Doing the Honours, The Death List, The Greasy Pole, The Quality of Life, A Question of Loyalty, Equal Opportunities, The Challenge, The Skeleton in the Cupboard, The Moral Dimension, The Bed of Nails, The Middle Class Rip-off, The Whiskey Priest

Yes, Prime Minister (1986-1987)

The Key, A Real Partnership, A Victory for Democracy, Official Secrets, A Conflict of Interest, A Diplomatic Incident

The Young and the Restless (1973-present)  SLP/EP direct from CBS (mostly original airings)

1987 Christmas episode, one episode in French, many other episodes from 90's to present

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992-1993) (all episodes)

Mystery of the Blues w/Harrison Ford, The Hollywood Follies, The Treasure of the Peacock's Eye, The Attack of the Flying Hawkmen, Travels with Father, The Curse of the Jackal, London May 1916, British East Africa Sept. 1909, Verdun Sept. 1916, , German East Africa Dec. 1916, Congo Jan. 1917,  London May 1916, Austria Mar. 1917, Somme Early August 1916, Germany Mid-August 1916, Barcelona May 1917, Princeton Feb. 1916, Petrograd July 1917, The Scandal of 1920, Vienna Nov. 1908, The Phantom Train of Doom, Ireland April 1916, Paris Sept. 1918, Peking March 1910, Benares Jan. 1910, Paris Oct. 1916, Istanbul, Sept. 1918, Paris May 1919, Prague Aug. 1917, Florence May 1918, Palestine Oct. 1917 

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