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PH-SO TV Episodes

These are mostly in EP (aka SLP).  Some are copies.  Most of the information I put on there is from my memory so it may not all be accurate.

When it says "direct from TV" that is usually right, but sometimes I tape a show in SP speed and then copy it over to another tape in SLP/EP speed, so it may be a copy.

Links are to my pages for those shows.

Although I have listed DVD's, I'm not sure if I can copy them or not (haven't tried).
I have not updated my list in about 6 years, so feel free to email me about anything more recent, I might have it....

Philly (2001)  SLP/EP direct from ABC (original airing)

    several episodes

Picket Fences   (1992-1996) 

     last two episodes   SLP/EP direct from ABC (original airing)

     one episode in German   SLP/EP direct from TV

Pinky and the Brain    (1995-1996)  SLP/EP direct from TV

     one episode

P.O.V.    SLP/EP direct from PBS

     Pets or Meat, Barbie Nation

Police Squad!  (1982-1991) (all episodes)    SLP/EP direct from Comedy Central

     The Broken Promise, The Ring of Fear, Terror in the Neighborhood, Revenge and Remorse, The Butler Did it, Testimony of Evil

Politically Incorrect   (1993-present)   SLP/EP direct from Comedy Central (original airing)

     many episodes

Port Charles   (1997-2003)  SLP/EP direct from ABC (original airings)

     almost all episodes

The Powers That Be   (1992-1993)   SLP/EP direct from TV

     last three episodes

The Pretender (1996-2000) SLP/EP

      most episodes

The Prisoner    (1968-1969)  SLP/EP direct from TVLAND

      Pilot, The Schizoid Man, The General, Fall Out  

The Pursuit of Happiness  (1987-198)   SLP/EP direct from ABC (original airing)

     one episode

Quantum Leap   (1989-1993)   SLP/EP direct from TV (mostly USA, some from original airing)

     Honeymoon, Express, The Leap Between the States, Shock Theatre, Permanent Wave, Unchained, Running for Honor, It's a  Wonderful Leap, Blind Faith, Good Morning Peoria, Jimmy, So Help Me God, Catch a Falling Star, A Portrait for Troiainlast episode-- Mirror Image

Raumschiff Enterprise: Der Nächste Hundert Jahre (1987-1994)

     Die Macht der Naniten, Terror Auf Rutia-vier, Die Macht der Paragraphen, Die Uberlebenden auf Rana-vier, Mutterliebe, one other

Reaper (2007-2009) SLP/EP direct from The CW (original airings)

    most episodes

Red Dwarf   (1992-1999)  some are SLP/EP direct from PBS, the rest are SP speed from prerecorded tapes

1st Season

     The End, Future Echoes, Balance of Power,Waiting for God, Confidence and Paranoia, Me2

2nd Season

     Kryten, Better Than Life, Thanks for the Memory, Stasis Leak, Queeg, Last Episode

3rd Season

     (missing) Backwards Marooned , The Last Day

     Polymorph, Body Swap, Time Slides (p)    

4th Season

     Camille, DNA, Justice, White Hole, Dimension Jump, Meltdown

5th Season

     Holoship, Terrorform, The Inquisitor, Quarantine, Demons and Angels, Back to Reality

6th Season

     Psirens, Legion, Gunmen of the Apocalypse, Emohawk (Polymorph II), Rimmerworld

     (missing) Out of Time

7th Season

     Tikka to Ride, Stoke Me a Clipper, Ouroboros, Duct Soup, Blue, Beyond A Joke, Epideme, Nanarchy

8th Season

                Back in The Red Part One, Back in The Red Part Two, Back in The Red Part Three, Cassandra, Krytie TV, Pete Part One, Pete Part Two, Only the Good…

Red Shoe Diaries   (1992-1999)   SLP/EP direct from Showtime 

     1 ½ episodes with David Duchovny

Related (2007) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

     a few episodes

Remington Steele (1982-1987) (all episodes) 

     License to Steele, In the Steele of the Night, Sting of SteeleSecond Base Steele, Steele's Gold, High Flying Steele, Cast in Steele (SP from prerecorded tapes)

SLP/EP direct from TV (from syndication) License to Steele, Tempered Steele, Steele Waters Run Deep, Signed, Steeled, and Delivered, Thou Shalt Not Steele, Steele Belted, Etched in Steele, You're Steele the One for Me, In the Steele of the Night, Steele Trap, Steeling the Show, Steele Flying High, A Good Night's Steele,  Hearts of Steele, To Stop a Steele, Steele Crazy After All These Years, Steele Among the Living, Steele in the News, Vintage Steele, Steele's Gold, Sting of Steele, Steele in Circulation, Steele Away with Me Pt. 1, Steele Away with Me Pt. 2, Red Holt Steele, Altared Steele, Steele Framed, A Steele at Any Price, Love Among the Steele, Scene Steelers, Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws, My Fair Steele, Steele Threads, Steele Eligible, High Flying Steele, Blood Is Thicker Than Steele, Steele Sweet on You, Elegy in Steele, Small Town Steele, Molten Steele, Dreams of Steele, Woman of Steele, Hounded Steele, Elementary Steele, Steele at it, Lofty Steele, Maltese Steele, Second Base Steele, Blue Blooded Steele, Steele Your Heart Away, Pocketful of Steele, Puzzled Steele, Cast in Steele, Breath of Steele, Let's Steele a Plot, Gourmet Steele, Stronger than Steele, Have I Got a Steele For You, Springtime for Steele, Steele in the Family, Diced Steele, Now You Steele it, Now You Don't, Illustrated Steele, Steele in the Chips, Steele Trying, Steele of Approval, Steele Searching Part 1, Steele Searching Part 2, Steele Blushing, Grappling Steele, Forged Steele, Cornfed Steele, Premium Steele, Coffee, Tea, or Steele, Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele, Steele on the Air, Steele, Inc., Steele Spawning, Suburban Steele, Santa Claus is Coming to Steele, Steele Blue Yonder, Sensitive Steele, Steele in the Spotlight, Steele at Your Service, Steele in the Running, Beg, Borrow, or Steele, Steele Alive and Kicking, Bonds of Steele, The Steele That Wouldn't Die Part 1, The Steele That Wouldn't Die Part 2, Steele Hanging in There, Steele Hanging in There Part 2, Steeled With a Kiss Part 1, Steeled With a Kiss Part 2

Reunion (2005) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

     a few episodes

Revue   SLP/EP direct from TV

     Paul McCartney

Robocop   (1993-1994)  SLP/EP direct from TV (original airing)

     Robocop vs. Captain Cash

Roseanne   (1988-1997)  SLP/EP direct from ABC (original airing)

     Isn't It Romantic?

Ryan's Hope (1975-1989)

    many episodes, taped from Soapnet every day since they started airing them a few times.

The Saint  (1967-1969)   SLP/EP direct from The Mystery Channel 

      The Double Take, The World Beater, The People Importers, Where the Money Is and many more

Samantha Who (2007-2009) SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

    many episodes

Santa Barbara   (1984-1993)

     last week of episodes   --SLP/EP direct from NBC (original airings)

     5 episodes in German, 6 episodes in Japanese (SP speed)

Saturday Night Live (1975-present)  SLP/EP direct from NBC (original airings) and some from Comedy Central

     Matthew Broderick hosts: Bush & Quayle, monologue, Puppeteers for Dukakis, Baby in School, Albert Goldman, Cooking with Monkey, the Sugar Cubes, Weekend Update, Nude Beach, the Thumper Family, Laurie Has a Story, Hollywood Salute, the Sugar Cubes, Learning to Feel
    15-year Anniversary show: Opening, Tom Hanks, 1975-1980 Clips, Susan St. James, Ol fab Perfume ad, Jerri Hall, Prince, Martin Short & Christopher Guest, 1981-1985 Clips, O.J. Simpson, Bass-O-Radner clips, Dennis Miller, political humor clips, Jan Hooks, Mary Tyler Moore, Smutty clips, Dan Akroyd, Jim Belushi, John Belushi clips, Robin Williams, Elliot Gould, short film, Paul Simon, and Bruce Willis
    The Best of Eddie Murphy: Buckwheat Sings, Velvet Jones School of Technology, Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, Reagan's Illegitimate Son, Little Richard Simmons Show, Special Reort, Galactic Prophylatic, Muhammed Ali, Toof Fairy, James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub, Cos, Special Report, Guy Talk, Jesse Jackson, Commentary, Ebony and Ivory, College Graduate, Mister Robinson's Neighborhood, Fifth Beatle, Black History Week, White Like Me, Jazz Riffs, Special Report, News Update, Velvet Jones Love, Reggae Band, Focus on Film, Black Talk, Cotton Land, James Brown is Annie
    Steven Seagal hosts: Hans and Franz, Winston-McCauley Funeral Home ad, Tenelli-One Man Army, All Star Celebrity Tribute, Nat X, Deep Thoughts, Weekend Update, Musicians for Free-Range Chickens, Deep Thoughts, Teenage Date, Brace Steele-Greenpeace Photographer
    George Wendt hosts: Monologue, Little General Fireworks ad, Mr. No Depth-Perception, Superfans, Middle-aged Man, Elvis Costello, Weekend Update, Arsenio Johnny, Fast Food Driveup, The Shindells, It's Pat, Deep Thoughts, I'm Chillin', Elvis Costello, The Sunrise Show
    Debra Winger hosts: Reagan Census, Monologue, Wayne's World, Urban Cowboy, Eric Clapton, Weekend Update, Eric Update, Adventures of Calamity Jane 
    Wayne Gretsky hosts: Carter in Panama, monologue, Wayne's World, Anal Retentive Sportsman, Fine Young Cannibals, Waikiki Hockey, Point Blank, Fine Young Cannibals, Hollywood Hockey
    Ed O'Neill hosts: Noriega & Bush, Monologue, Bzi Lady Shaver ad, The Drugstore, Wayne's World, 
    Lothar of the Hill People, Dennis Wu's Real Estate Fortunes, Harry Connick, jr., Lorne Michaels
     John Goodman hosts: Church Chat, Monologue, McLaughlin Group, Jagger Gets Married, Wayne's World, Faith No More, It's Pat, Davy Crockett, jr., Irish Drinking Songs
    Delta Burke hosts: Bush, Monologue, Wayne's World w/Madonna, Chris Isaak, Weekend Update, Weight Watchers, Hollywood Minute, Chris Isaak
    Tim Robbins hosts: Perot address, Monologue, Caracci's Pizza, Deep Thoughts, Founding Fathers, Cooking with Dennis Miller, That's Not Yogurt, Sunday Morning Videos, Weekend Update, Bob Roberts at the Campfire, Larry King w/Brian Wilson, Sweet Jimmy, Daily Affirmation
    Alec Baldwin hosts: Dateline w/Toonces, Monologue, Kluckin' Chicken commercial, The Mimic, The Chris Farley Show, Paul McCartney, News, French Class, Soap Opera Interview, McCartney, Clothing Store, Naked Woman Theatre, Daily Affirmation, The Bodyguard TV Series, McCartney

Savannah  (1984-1993)  SP direct from WB (original airings)

     first episode, one episode, last episode

SciFi Buzz (1993-1998) SLP/EP direct from the SciFi Channel (original airings)

     many episodes

Scifi Entertainment    (1998)   SLP/EP direct from the SciFi Channel (original airings)

     one episode

Seaquest DSV     (1993-1995)  SLP/EP direct from the SciFi Channel

     Hide and Seek

Seinfeld   (1990-1998)   SLP/EP most from NBC (original airings), some from syndication 


1st  Season

     The Stake Out, The Robbery, Male Unbonding, The Stock Tip

2nd Season

     The Ex-Girlfriend, The Jacket, The Phone Message, The Apartment, The Statue, The Revenge, The Heart Attack, The Deal, The Baby Shower, The Chinese Restaurant, The Busboy

3rd Season

     The Note, The Pen, The Dog, The Parking Garage, The Cafe, The Tape, The Nose Job, The Stranded, The Alternate Side, The Subway, The Pez Dispenser, The Suicide, The Fix-up, The Boyfriend, The Limo, The Good Samaritan, The Parking Space, The Keys

4th Season

The Wallet, The Bubble Boy in German 

    The Trip, The Pitch, The Ticket, The Wallet, The Watch, The Bubble Boy, The Cheever Letters, The Virgin, The Contest, The Airport, The Pick, The Visa, The Shoes, The Outing, The Old Man, The Implant, The Junior Mint, The Smelly Car, The Handicap Spot, The Pilot Part I, The Pilot Part 2

5th Season

    The Mango, The Puffy Shirt, The Glasses, The Bris, The Lipreader (p), The Non-fat Yogurt, The Barber, The Masseuse, The Cigar Store Indian, The Conversion, The Stall, The Dinner Party, The Marine Biologist, The Pie, The Stand-in, The Wife, The Raincoats, The Fire, The Hamptons, The Opposite

6th Season

    The Chaperone, The Big Salad, The Pledge Drive, The Chinese Woman, The Couch, The Gymnast, The Soup, The Mom and Pop Store, The Secretary, The Switch, The Label Maker, The Scofflaw, Highlights of a Hundred, The Beard, The Kiss Hello, The Door Man, The Jimmy, The Doodle, The Fusilli Jerry, The Diplomat’s Club, The Face Painter, The Understudy

7th Season

    The Engagement, The Postponement, The Maestro, The Wink, The Hot Tub, The Soup Nazi, The Secret Code, The Soup Nazi, The Pool Guy, The Sponge, The Gum, The Rye, The Caddy, The Seven, The Cadillac, The Showerhead, The Doll, The Friar’s Club, The Wigmaster, The Calzone, The Bottle Deposit, The Wait Out, The Invitations

8th Season    

    The Foundation, The Soul Mate, The Bizarro Jerry, The Little Kicks, The Package, The Fatigues, The Checks, The Chicken Roaster, The Abstinence, The Andrea Doria, The Little Jerry, The Money, The Van Buren Boys, The Susie, The Pothole, The English Patient, The Nap, The Yada Yada, The Muffin Tops, The Summer of George

9th Season

     The Butter Shave, The Voice, The Serenity Now, The Blood, The Junk Mail, The Merv Griffin Show, The Slicer, The Betrayal, The Apology, The Strike, The Dealership, The Reverse Peephole, The Cartoon, The Strongbox, The Wizard, The Burning, The Bookstore, The Frogger, The Maid, The Puerto Rican Day, The Clipshow, The Finale 

(missing) The Truth, The Library, The Red Dot, The Letter, The Opera, The Movie, The Sniffing Accountant, The Race, The Comeback, The Millennium   

She TV    (1994)    SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

     episodes #1, episodes 2-5

Signature   SLP/EP direct from TV (original airings)

     w/Agnes Nixon

Silk Stalkings    (1991-1993)   SLP/EP copy from trade

                Killer App w/Kimberley Davies

The Simpsons    (1989-present)    SLP/EP direct from FOX (mostly original airings)

1st Season

7G01) Some Enchanted Evening  
7G02) Bart the Genius 
7G03) Homer's Odyssey
7G04) There's No Disgrace Like Home 
7G05) Bart the General 
7G06) Moaning Lisa 
7G07) The Tell-Tale Head 
7G08) Simpson’s Roasting on an Open Fire 
7G09) The Call of the Simpson’s   
7G10) Homer's Night Out also in Japanese & French (SP)   
7G11) Jacques to Be Wild also in Japanese (SP) 
7G12) Krusty Gets Busted also in Japanese (SP) 
7G13) The Crepes of Wrath also in Japanese (SP) 

2nd Season

7F01) Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish also in Japanese (SP)  
7F02) Simpson and Delilah
7F03) Bart Gets an F  
7F04) Treehouse of Horror I  
7F05) Dancin' Homer  
7F06) Bart the Daredevil also in Japanese (SP)
7F07) Bart Vs. Thanksgiving
7F08) Dead Putting Society also in Japanese (SP)  
7F09) Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
7F10) Episode 23: Bart Gets Hit by a Car
7F11) One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish
7F12) The Way We Was
7F13) Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment  
7F14) Bart's Dog Gets an F  (missing) 
7F15) Principal Charming  
7F16) Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?  
7F17) Old Money  
7F18) Brush with Greatness  
7F19) Lisa's Substitute
7F20) War of the Simpsons (missing)
7F21) Three Men and a Comic Book  
7F22) Blood Feud (SIM3)  

3rd Season

7F23) When Flanders Failed
7F24) Stark Raving Dad
8F01) Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
8F02) Treehouse of Horror II  
8F03) Bart the Murderer
8F04) Homer Defined
8F05) Like Father, Like Clown
8F06) Lisa's Pony
8F07) Saturdays of Thunder
8F08) Flaming Moe's  
8F09) Burns Verkauft das Kraftwerk  
8F10) I Married Marge
8F11) Radio Bart
8F12) Lisa the Greek
8F13) Homer at the Bat also in Japanese (SP)  
8F14) Homer Alone
8F15) Separate Vocations
8F16) Bart the Lover
8F17) Dog of Death  
8F19) Colonel Homer
8F20) The Otto Show
8F21) The Black Widower
8F22) Bart's Friend Falls in Love
8F23) Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

4th Season

8F18) A Streetcar Named Marge
8F24) Camp Krusty
9F01) Homer the Heretic
9F02) Lisa the Beauty Queen
9F03) Itchy and Scratchy: the Movie (p)
9F04) Treehouse of Horror III  
9F05) Marge Gets a Job  
9F06) New Kid on the Block  
9F07) Mr. Plow  
9F08) Lisa's First Word  
9F09) Homer's Triple Bypass (missing)  
9F10) Marge vs. the Monorail  
9F11) Selma's Choice
9F12) Brother From the Same Planet
9F13) I Love Lisa
9F14) Duffless  
9F15) Last Exit to Springfield
9F16) The Front  
9F17) So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show (missing)
9F18) Whacking Day  
9F19) Krusty Gets Kancelled

5th Season

9F20) Marge In Chains
9F21) Homer's Barbershop Quartet  
9F22) Cape Feare  
1F01) Rosebud
1F02) Homer Goes To College
1F03) Marge on the Lam  
1F04) Treehouse of Terror IV  
1F05) Bart's Inner Child  
1F06) Boy-Scoutz N the Hood (missing)
1F07) The Last Temptation of Homer
1F08) $pringfield
1F09) Homer the Vigilante  
1F10) Homer and Apu  
1F11) Bart Gets Famous  
1F12) Lisa VS. Malibu Stacy  
1F13) Deep Space Homer
1F14) Homer Loves Flanders  
1F15) Bart Gets an Elephant (missing)
1F16) Burns' Heir  
1F17) Lisa's Rival - 100th Episode
1F18) Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baddasssss Song (missing)
1F19) The Boy Who Knew Too Much  
1F20) Secrets of a Successful Marriage (missing)
1F21) Lady Bouvier's Lover
1F22) Bart of Darkness  

6th Season

1F23) Itchy and Scratchy Land  
2F02) Sideshow Bob Roberts  
2F03) Treehouse of Horror V  
2F04) Bart's Girlfriend  
2F05) Lisa on Ice  
2F06) Homer Badman  
2F07) Grandpa VS. Sexual Inadequacy  
2F08) Fear of Flying
2F09) Homer the Great
2F10) And Maggie Makes Three
2F11) Bart's Comet  
2F12) Homer the Clown  
2F13) Bart vs. Australia 
2F14) Homer vs. Patty and Selma  
2F15) Lisa’s Wedding 
2F18) Two Dozen and One Greyhounds
2F19) The PTA Disbands (missing)
2F21) The Springfield Connection  
2F22) Lemon of Troy  
2F23) ’Round Springfield
2F31) A Star Is Burns  
2F33) Another Simpsons Clip Show (missing)
2F16) Who Shot Mr. Burns?

7th Season

2F20) Who Shot Mr. Burns Pt. 2  
2F17) Radioactive Man  
3F01) Home Sweet Home-Dum-Diddly-Doodily  
3F02) Bart Sells His Soul 
3F03) Lisa the Vegetarian 
3F04) Treehouse of Horror VI 
3F05) King-Size Homer 
3F06) Mother Simpson 
3F07) Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming
3F08) Marge Be Not Proud
3F09) Two Bad Neighbors 
3F10) Team Homer 
3F11) Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield
3F12) Bart the Fink 
3F13) Lisa the Iconoclast
3F14) Homer the Smithers 
3F15) A Fish Called Selma 
3F16) The Day the Violence Died 
3F17) Bart on the Road
3F18) 22 Short Films About Springfield
3F19) Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in the Curse of the Flying Hellfish
3F20) Much Apu About Nothing  
3F21) Homerpalooza
3F22) Summer of 4’2”

8th Season

4F02) Treehouse of Horror VII  
3F23) You Only Move Twice  
4F03) The Homer They Fall  
4F05) Burn, Baby, Burns  
4F06) Bart After Dark
4F04) A Milhouse Divided  
4F01) Lisa’s Date with Density (missing)
4F07) Hurricane Neddy  
3F24) The Mysterious Voyage of Our Homer  
3G01) The Springfield Files  
4F08) The Twisted World of Marge Simpson  
4F10) Mountain of Madness  
3G03) Simpsoncalifragilistic expealiD’ohcious
4F12) The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show  
4F11) Homer’s Phobia
4F14) The Brother From Another Series  
4F13) My Sister, My Sitter
4F15) Homer VS the 18th Amendment  
4F09) Grade School Confidential  
4F16) The Canine Mutiny  
4F17) The Old Man and the Lisa
4F18) In Marge We Trust  
4F19) Homer’s Enemy  
4F20) Simpson's’ Spin-off Showcase
4F21) The Secret War of Lisa Simpson  

9th Season

4F22) The City of New York VS. Homer Simpson
4F23) The Principal and the Pauper  
3G02) Lisa’s Sax (missing)
5F02) Treehouse of Horror VIII  
5F01) The Cartridge Family  
5F03) Bart Star  
5F04) The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons  
5F05) Lisa the Skeptic
5F06) Realty Bites
5F07) Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
5F24) All Singing, All Dancing  
5F08) Bart Carny  
5F23) The Joy of Sect  
5F11) Das Bus  
5F10) The Last Temptation of Krusty 
5F12) Dumbbell Indemnity  
4F24) Lisa the Simpson  
5F13) This Little Wiggy
3G02) Simpson Tide
5F14) The Trouble with Trillions  
5F15) Girly Edition
5F09) Trash of the Titans  
5F16) King of the Hill (missing)
5F17) Lost Our Lisa (missing)
5F18) Natural Born Kissers

10th Season

5F20) Lard of the Dance  
5F21) The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace (missing)
5F22) Bart the Mother 
AABF01)  Treehouse of Horror IX  
5F19) When You Dish Upon a Star
AABF02)  D'oh-in In the Wind  
AABF03)  Lisa Gets an "A" (missing)
AABF04)  Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"  
AABF05)  Mayored to the Mob  
AABF06)  Viva Ned Flanders  
AABF07)  Wild Barts Can't Be Broken  
AABF08)  Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
AABF09)  Homer to the Max (missing?)
AABF11)  I'm With Cupid  
AABF10)  Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"  
AABF12)  Make Room for Lisa
AABF13)  Maximum Homerdrive  
AABF14)  Simpsons Bible Stories  
AABF15)  Mom and Pop Art  
AABF16)  The Old Man and The "C" Student
AABF17)  Monty Can't Buy Me Love
AABF18)  They Saved Lisa's Brain  
AABF20)  Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo

11th Season (not sure which of these I have yet)

AABF23) Beyond Blunderdome 
AABF22) Brother's Little Helper
AABF21) Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner? (missing)
BABF01)Treehouse of Horror X  
AABF19 ) E-I-E-I-(ANNOYED GRUNT) (missing)
BABF02) Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder (missing)  
BABF03) Eight Misbehavin'  
BABF05) Take My Wife, Sleaze (missing)
BABF07) Grift of the Magi  
BABF04) Little Big Mom  (missing)  
BABF06) Faith Off   (missing)   
BABF08) The Mansion Family   
BABF09) Saddlesore Galactica   
BABF10) Alone Again, Natura-Diddily (missing) 
BABF11) Missionary Impossible  (missing) 
BABF12) Pygmoelian (missing) 
BABF13) Bart to the Future (missing) 
Days of Wine and D’oh’ses (missing) 
Kill the Alligator and Run (missing)

Sisters (1991-1996) SLP/EP direct from Soapnet

    assorted episodes

Sledgehammer!    (1986-1988)   all episodes --some SLP/EP direct from TV and many SP from trade (mostly syndicated repeats)


     Pilot, Under the Gun, Hammer Gets Nailed, Witless, They Shoot Hammers, Don't They?, They Shoot Hammers, Don't They?, Dori Day Afternoon, To Sledge With Love, All Shook Up, Over My Dead Bodyguard, Magnum Farce, If I Had a Little Hammer, To Live and Die on TV, Miss of the Spider Woman, The Old Man and the Sledge, State of Sledge, Haven't Gun, Will Travel,The Color of Hammer, Brother, Can You Spare a Crime?, Desperately Seeking Dori, Sledgepoo, Comrade Hammer, Jagged Sledge, The Spa Who Loved Me  


     A Clockwork Hammer, Big Nazi on Campus, Play it Again, Sledge, Wild About Hammer, Death of a Few Salesmen, Vertical, Dressed to Call , Hammer Hits the Rock, The Last of the Red Hot Vampires, Hammeroid, Sledge in Toyland, Icebreaker, They Call Me Mr. Trunk, Model Dearest, Sledge, Rattle and Roll, Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came?, The Secret of My Excess, It Happened What Night?, Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer 

Sliders    (1995-1997)    (all episodes)   SLP/EP direct from FOX and SciFi Channel (original airings)


     Pilot, Fever, Last Days, Prince of Wails, Summer of Love, Eggheads, The Weaker Sex, The King Is Back, Luck of the Draw


     Into the Mystic, Love Gods, Gillian of the Spirits, The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy, El Sid, Time Again and World, In Dino Veritas, Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome, Greatfellas, The Young and the Relentless, As Time Goes By 


     Rules of the Game, Double Cross , Electric Twister Acid Test, The Dream Master, Desert Storm, Dragonslide, The Fire Within , The Prince of Slides, Dead Man Sliding, State of the A.R.T.Murder Most Foul, Slide Like an Egyptian, Paradise Lost, The Exodus, Part 1, The Exodus, Part II, Sole Survivors, The Breeder, The Last of Eden, Dinoslide, Stoker, This Slide of Paradise


     Genesis, Prophets and Loss, Common Ground, Virtual Slide, World Killer, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, Just Say Yes, The Alternateville Horror, Slidecage, Asylum, California Reich, The Dying Fields, Lipschitz Live, Mother And Child,  Net Worth, Slide By Wire, Out West, Roads Taken, Revelations


                The Unstuck Man, Applied Physics, Strangers and Comrades, The Great Work, New Gods for Old, Java Jive, The Return of Maggie Beckett, Requiem, Map of the Mind, A Thousand Deaths, Heavy Metal, To Catch a Slider, The Seer

 Missing: Obsession, The Guardian, Season’s Greedings, The Other Slide of Darkness, Slither, Data World, My Brother's Keeper,The Chasm, Please Press One , A Current Affair, Easy Slider, Dust, Eye of the Storm

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour     (1967-1975)   SLP/EP direct from cable (E! I think)

     several episodes

Something Is Out There     (1988)   (all episodes) SLP/EP direct from The SciFi Channel

     4 Hour Pilot, Gladiator, Don't Look Back, In His Own Image, Good Psychics Are Hard to Come By, Night of the Visitors, A Message From Mr. Cool, A Hearse of  Another Color, The Keeper

Something Wilder     (1994-1995)   SLP/EP direct from TV (original airing)

     one episode w/Alice Cooper 

South Park    (1997-present)  almost all episodes, SLP/EP direct from Comedy Central (up to #212 and movie on DVD)

     Spirit of Christmas I, Spirit of Christmas II (poor copies in trade)

       Countdown to midnight 1999
    101 Cartman Gets An Anal Probe
    102 Weight Gain 4000 also one In French (SP)
    103 The Volcano Episode  
    104 Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride
    105 An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig 
    106 Death
    107 Pink Eye (Halloween Special)
    108 Damien (Cartman's Birthday) 
    109 Starving Marvin (Thanksgiving Special) 
    111 Tom's Rhinoplasty (Valentine's Day)
    112 Mecha Streisand  
    113 Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut - Part 1 
    201 Not Without My Anus-Terrence and Phillip Special (Comedy Central's April Fools Joke) 
    202 Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut - Part 2  
    203 Chicken Lover 
    204 Ike's Wee Wee
    205 Conjoined Fetus   
    206 The Mexican Starring Frog of Sri Lanka   
    207 Flashbacks  
    208 Summer Sucks 
    209 Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls  
    210 Chickenpox  
    211 Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods AKA Planetarium  
    212 Clubhouses  
    213 Cowdays 
    214 Chef Aid  
    Chef Aid Special  
    215 Spooky Fish
    216 Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!  
    217 Gnomes 
    218 Prehistoric Ice Man  
    301 Rainforest Schmainforest
    302 Spontaneous Combustion
    303 Chef's Mama AKA The Succubus 
    304 Tweek Vs. Craig
    305  Jakovasaurs 
The South Park Movie: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut  
    306 Sexual Harrasment Panda
    307 Cat Orgy 
    308 Melvins AKA Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub 
    309 Jewbilee
    310 Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery 
    311 Chinpoko Mon
    312 Hooked on Monkey Phonics
    313 Starvin' Marvin in Space
    314 War AKA the Red Badge of Gayness 
    315 Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics 
    316 Are You There, God? It's Me, Jesus  (missing)  
    317 Worldwide Recorder Concert
    401 Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000
    402 The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000
    403 Quintuplets 2000 (missing )  
    404 TIMMY! 2000 
    406 Cartman Joins NAMBLA
    407 Cherokee Hair Tampons
    409 Something You Can Do With Your Finger
    410 Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?
    411 Probably    

Space: 1999    (1974-1976)  SLP/EP direct from The SciFi Channel

     movies:  Destination: Alpha, Alien Attack, Cosmic Princess

     Missing Link, Devil's Planet, Dragon's Domain, Wargames, End of Eternity, The Last Sunset, Space Brain, The Metamorph, Journey to Where, The Taybor, Brian the Brain, Rules of Luton, A-B Chrysalis, Catacombs of  the Moon, Seed of Destruction, The Exiles, Space Warp, A Matter of Balance, The Beta Cloud, One Moment of Humanity, The Seance Spectre, Dorzak, The Bringers of Wonder Part 1 & 2, Collision Course, Force of Life, Alpha Child, Guardian of Piri, Mission of the Darians, Voyager’s Return  

Missing: 1) Breakaway, 3) Matter of Life and Death, 7) Death's Other Dominion, 13) The Black Sun, 14)
Testament of Arkadia, 17) Another Time, Another Place, 29) New Adam, New Eve, 30) The Mark of Arkonon, 39) The Lambda Factor, 41) All That Glitters, 46) The Immunity Syndrome, 48) The Dorcons and the movie Journey Through the Black Sun

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