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The entire TV MegaSite sprung from my home page, which I started so that I could put up my videotape list. I never dreamed it would get so big! And now I hardly ever time for trading, LOL!  ~ Suzanne



Brief list of what I have

Aliens in America (2007-2008) (have some episodes)
Aliens in the Family (1996) (have some episodes)
All My Children (1970-now) (have many episodes from 90's to now)
All Souls (2001) (have A few episodes?)
Almost Live (1984) (have a few episodes)
American Dreams (2002-2005) (have many episodes) ***only season 1 is out on DVD
American Masters (1984-now) (have many episodes)
American Playhouse (1982-1994) (have a few episodes)
Another World (1964-1999) (have many episodes)
Arli$$ (1996-2002) (have one episode) ***only "best of" set available on DVD
As the World Turns (1956-2010) (have many episodes from the 2000's)
Bakersfield, PD (1993-1994) (have a few episodes)
Batman (1966-1968) (all episodes)
Battle of the Network Stars (many episodes)
The Best of the Worst (2006) (1991-1992)(have a few episodes)
Big Shots (2007) (have most episodes)
Biography (1987-present) (have a few episodes)
The Bold and The Beautiful (1987-present) (have many episodes from the 2000's)
Boston Public (2000-2004) (have a few episodes)
Breakfast with the Arts (1991-?) (have a few episodes)
Buddy Faro (1998) (have a few episodes)
Cagney & Lacey (181-1988) (have a few episodes in German)
Cane (2007) (have quite a few episodes)
Chicago Hope (1994-2000) (have some excerpts)
China Beach (1988-1991) (have the pilot)
Chronicle: The Rosenbergs (have this one episode)
Cold Case (2003-2010) (have a few episodes)
Crossing Jordan (2001-2007) (have a few episodes) ***only season 1 is on DVD
Cybill (1995-1998) (have a few episodes)
Dark Skies (1996-1997) (have a few episodes)
The Dating Game (1965-1973) (have one episode w/Carpenters)
David Frost (have one episode w/Robin Williams)
Days of Our Lives (1965-present) (have many episodes from 90's to now)
Dead at 21 (1994) (have all episodes)
Deadly Games (1995-1996) (have a few episodes)
Dennis Miller Live! (1994-2002) (have one episode w/Robin Williams and one other)
Diagnosis: Murder (1993-2001) (have a few episodes) ***only seasons 1-3 on DVD
The District (2000-2004) (have a few episodes)
Donahue! (1970-1995) (have one episode w/Howard Stern)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993-1998) (have one episode in Japanese)
Dream On (1990-1996) (have all episodes) ***only seasons 1-2 on DVD
The Drew Carey Show (1995-present) (have a few episodes) ***only season 1 on DVD
Earth: Final Conflict (1997-present) (have many episodes) ***all on DVD except season 2
Ed (2000-2004) (have quite a few episodes)
The Edge (1992-1993) (have one episode w/George Wendt)
Eisenhower & Lutz (1988) (have several episodes)
Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl (1976) (have one episode) ***most not on DVD
Elvis: the Early Years (1990) (have a few episodes)
Entertainment Tonight (1981-present) (have a few episodes)
48 Hours (1988-present) (have two episodes)
Front Line (1983-?) (have one episode, "Death of a Porn Queen")
General Hospital (1963-present) (have many episodes from 2000 to now)
Generations (1989-1991) SLP/EP (have one episode)
The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. (1966-1967) (have 4 episodes)
Gotta Sing! (have several episodes)
Great Performances (1972-present) (have many episodes)
Guiding Light (1952-2009) (have many episodes from the 2000's)
Hack (2002-2004) (have a few episodes)
Hardball (1989-1990) (have one episode, "The Butt Winnick Story")
Hard Copy (1989-present) (have one episode, "Legends of Rock and Roll")
Hardcore TV (1994) (have a few episodes)
Hart to Hart (1979-1984) (have a few episodes) ***only seasons 1-2 on DVD
Herman's Head (1991-1994) (have one episode)
Hi, Honey, I'm Home (1991) (have all episodes)
Homeboys in Outer Space (1996-1997) (have a few episodes)
Homefront (1991-1993) (have a few episodes)
Hope & Gloria (1995-1996) (have one episode w/Adam West)
Howard Stern (Summer) Show (1990-1992) (have most episodes)
Howard Stern E! radio show (1994-2005) (have many episodes)
The Hughleys (1998-2002) (have one musical episode)
Hyperion Bay (1998-1999) (have all episodes)
I'll Fly Away (1991-1993) (have 2 episodes)
Inquizition (1999-present) (have one episode from 1999)
The Internet! (90's?) (have one episode)
The Invisible Man (1975-1976) (have two episodes)
The Invisible Man (2000-present) (have A few episodes) ***only season 1 on DVD
I Remember Television (90's from KVCR) (one episode, "Rebecca")
It Takes a Thief (1968-1970) (have a few episodes)
It’s Like, You Know (1999) (have one episode)
Jack's Place (1992) (have one episode)
John Doe (2002-2003) (have many episodes)
The John Larroquette Show (1993-1996) (have the pilot)
Journeyman (2007-2008) (have some episodes)
Just Shoot Me (1997-present) (have a few episodes) ***only seasons 1-3 on DVD
Kevin Hill (2004-2005) (have a few episodes)
King of the Hill (1996-present) (have one ep in French)
Knots Landing (1979-1993) (have first episode and last episode) ***only seasons 1-2 on DVD
Later L.A. (have one episode w/William Shatner )
Later with Bob Costas (1988) (have one episode w/Paul McCartney
Laugh-in (1968-1973) (have some episodes and parts) ***only "best of" sets on DVD
Legend (1995) (have all but one episode)
Life is Wild (2007-2008) (have one or two episodes)
Live with Regis and Kathie Lee (1989-2009) (one episode w/Susan Lucci)
Love Channel With the Poorman (local show) (have 5 episodes)
Loving (1983-1997) (have one episode in French)
Mad About You (1992-1999) (have a few episodes) ***only seasons 1-4 on DVD
Malcolm in the Middle (1999-2006) (have many episodes) ***only season 1 on DVD
Mark Russell Comedy Specials (1974-present) (have many episodes from 90's)
The Martin Short Show (1994) (have one episode)
Match Game (1973-1980) (have several episodes)
Maverick (1957-1962) (have several episodes)
Medical Center (1969-1976) (have one episode with O.J. Simpson)
Mission Genesis (AKA Deepwater Black) (1997) (have all episodes, I think)
The Monkees (1966-1968) (have parts of episodes) ***only seasons 1-2 on DVD
Mork & Mindy (1978-1982) (have all episodes) ***only seasons 1-3 on DVD
Murphy Brown (1988-1998) (have a couple of episodes) ***only season 1 on DVD
My Mother the Car (1965-1966) (have first episode)
My Sister Sam (1986-1988) (have one episode)
The New Mission Impossible (1989-1990) (have first episode)
The New Outer Limits (1995-2002) (have a few episodes) ***only season 1 on DVD
New Television (1990's, pbs) (have 3 episodes)
On Stage (90's? PBS) (have many episodes)
Once a Hero (1987) (have all 3 episodes)
Oprah! (1986-present) (have a couple of episodes)
Our House (1986-1988) (have one episode: Candles and Shadows)
Pasadena (2001) (have most episodes)
Passions (1999-2008) (have many episodes)
Philly (2001) (have one or two episodes)
Picket Fences (1992-1996) (have last two episodes, and one episode in German) ***only season 1 on DVD
P.O.V. (1988-present) (have two episodes: Pets or Meat, Barbie Nation)
Politically Incorrect (1993-2002) (have many episodes)
Port Charles (1997-2003) (have almost all episodes)
The Powers That Be (1992-1993) (have last three episodes)
The Pursuit of Happiness (1987-198) (have one episode)
Raumschiff Enterprise: Der Nächste Hundert Jahre (STTNG in German) (1987-1994) (have a few episodes)
Red Shoe Diaries (1992-present) (have 1 1/2 episodes)
Related (2005) (have a couple of episodes)
Reunion (2005) (have a few episodes)
Revue (90's) (have one episode with Paul McCartney)
Robocop (1993-1994) (have one episode: Robocop vs. Captain Cash)
Ryan's Hope (1975-1989) (have many episodes)
Santa Barbara (1984-1993) (have last week of episodes, 5 episodes in German, 6 episodes in Japanese)
Saturday Night Live (1975-present) (have many episodes) ***only seasons 1-5 on DVD
Savannah (1984-1993) (have first episode, one other episode, last episode)
SciFi Buzz (1993-1998) (have many episodes)
Scifi Entertainment (1998) (have one episode)
Seaquest DSV (1993-1995) (have one episode: Hide and Seek) ***only seasons 1-2 on DVD
She TV (1994) (have episodes #1-5)
Signature (1981-1982) (have one episode w/Agnes Nixon)
Sisters (1991-1996) (have some episodes)
Sliders (1995-1997) (have all) ***only seasons 1-4 are on DVD
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (1967-1975) (have several episodes) ***Only "best of" sets on DVD
Something Is Out There (1988) (have all episodes)
Something Wilder (1994-1995) (have one episode w/Alice Cooper)
Spenser: for Hire (1985-1988) (have first episode)
St. Elsewhere (1982-1988) (have most episodes) ***only season 1 is on DVD
Sunday Best (1991) (have second episode)
Sunset Beach (1997-1999) (have last month of show 12/1/99 to 12/31/99)
Take a Letter, Mr. Jones (1981) (have all episodes)
Tekwar (1994-1995) (have all episodes and movies) ***the movies are not on DVD
Time Cop (1997) (have most episodes, I think)
Time Machine (2004?) (have one episode, about Elvis)
To Tell the Truth (1969-1978) (have several episodes)
The Trials of Rosie O'Neal (1990-1992) (have Christmas show w/Paul Williams, and one other episode)
T.V. Nation (1995-1995) (have most episodes, maybe all)
The Visitor (1997-1998) (have all episodes)
Viva Laughlin (2007) (one episode)
VR.5 (1995) (have all episodes)
Women's Murder Club (2007-2008) (have a few episodes)
The Young and the Restless (1973-present) (have many episodes from 90's to now)

Older lists of all stuff I have

These are mostly in EP (aka SLP).  Some are copies.  Most of the information I put on there is from my memory so it may not all be accurate.

When it says "direct from TV" that is usually right, but sometimes I tape a show in SP speed and then copy it over to another tape in SLP/EP speed, so it may be a copy.

Links are to my pages for those shows.

Although I have listed DVD's, I'm not sure if I can copy them or not (haven't tried).
I have not updated my list in about 6 years, so feel free to email me about anything more recent, I might have it....

BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME ABOUT TRADING, please go to my Videotape Trading Post and read about my trading policy and to see my want list.

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