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Below are lists from other people. We accept no responsibility or liability for the quality or origin of the tapes or the reliability of the traders. Don't come to us to get involved in trading disputes! 

Check out the Usenet Newsgroup alt.video.tape-trading.

NOTE: It is illegal to buy or sell videotapes or DVD's that you have taped or copied off the TV, and it is illegal to buy or sell copies of prerecorded DVDs or videotapes!!!  We do not condone any illegal activity and hope that everyone here is trading legally!

PLEASE let us know if you find a link that doesn't work or is out of date. Thanks!  We can't guarantee that all the email addresses on the Webpage links work!  Sometimes people leave up their pages but lose their email.... Most of the ones without descriptions are links to pages, the ones with descriptions are just links to email addresses.

Our other tape trading pages:

Miscellaneous trading, in alphabetical order

  • About.com tape trading links

  • abajasds@comcast.net is looking for old episodes of the Price is Right from the 70's and 80's or anytime before 2001.

  • Abel's Rare TV Shows and TV movies trading site. Abel is looking for many different classic TV shows and movies.

  • AC's Tape Exchange

  • Adam is looking for The Drew Carey Show - "Drew Tries Hot Salsa" - Episode Number 192 (8th Season).

  • Adrian Collin's Video List

  • Alice is trying to locate the Hallmark presentation of "Beauty and the Beast". It was produced in 1976 and starred George C. Scott.

  • AmandaPup is looking for early episodes of "Passions" with Timmy, and all episodes of "Homefront".  She has more than three dozen DVDs of edits of "One Life to Live" material from 1978 to 1988, most of which is centered on Viki, first with Joe [Marco's death and trial, Joe's illness and death] and then Clint.  There are a few arcs of other stories, but the concentration in on Viki.

  • Amused to Death

  • Andrew is looking for the "Galactica 80" series.

  • Andy is looking for the 2/9/05 episode of Smallville, "Recruit", that he missed.

  • Andy is looking for old TV shows from the 70's and 80's with appearances from film star, Diana Dors, specially The Russel Harty Show, TVAM, Open Doors, Arena Blondes, Unforgettable Diana Dors, TV drama- Blonde Bombshell and any other TV appearances.

  •  Anne is looking for the episodes (23; 29-37) from the series "Press Gang"

  • Anthony  is seeking video or audio of The Tonight Show with Jack Paar 1957 and/or 1958 episodes with Vinnie Burke String Quartet; The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson circa March 1964 with Joe Bushkin and Stuff Smith; and also certain other TV appearances by jazz violinists.

  • Anthony is looking for the final episode of a former WB cartoon called "Generation O" called 'Buzz's Room'. He is also looking for Police Academy: The Animated Series, COPS, Birdman and The Galaxy Trio, Mighty Mightor, and Space Ghost and Dino Boy.  He is also looking for You Wrote It, You Watch It.  It's an MTV show from the '90s that was hosted by Jon Stewart.

  • Anson  is looking for "The Dude Martin Show" - early '50s, "Leo Carrillo Dude Ranch" - (tm)'50-'51, "Spade Cooley " late '40s, "Tex Williams " late '40s

  • April77523@aol.com is desperately seeking certain episodes of "20 Things to Do Before You're 30, Against the Grain, Central Park West, City High, The Client, Eve, Flatland, For Your Love, Grown ups, Guys Like Us, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Here and Now, Herman's Head, The Jeffersons, Jem, L.A. Law, Linc's, Matt Houston, Maybe, It's Me, Murder, She Wrote, On Our Own, Party Girl, Savannah, Silk Stalkings, Silver Spoons, Soul Food, Star Blazers, Swans Crossing, and Three.

  • Ashley is looking for episodes of Y&R with Joan Van Ark as Gloria, as well as talk show appearances by Van Ark, and the 1988 tv movie "Shakedown on the Sunset Strip" with Van Ark, and "Boys Will Be Boys", the 1994 afterschool special with Van Ark. She has many things to trade, including "Knots Landing" and KL specials, talk show appearances by the cast, "Paper Dolls", "Flamingo Road", the final episode of "Dallas", "Battle of the Network Stars", "Melrose Place", many reality shows and more.

  • Axiom Radar's Video Trading List

  • BBallJ62@aol.com is seeking any marathons, specials, or countdowns from the Nick at Nite channel pre-1996.

  • Ben is looking for videos of the "Cheyenne" television series starring Clint Walker, Chuck Connors in Broken Sabre, and the pilots of Branded and the Rifleman.

  • Ben is looking for the HBO Movie "Strip Search".

  • Bill would love to acquire some of the "Gunsmoke" TV series.

  • Bill is looking for Combat, Tour of Duty, and Garrision's Gorillas, and has some to trade.

  • Bob is looking for episodes of the 60's tv series "My Favorite Martian".

  • Bob is looking for episodes of "Hardcore TV" that aired on HBO.

  • Bob is looking for the Lloyd Nolan movie : The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (1940)

  • Bob M. is looking for a tape of the 3/4/05 episode of Stargate SG1.

  • Bobby wants desperately to find SP copies of "Tales From the Crypt".

  • BP is desperately trying to find the 1977 series "On Our Own", Another World episodes from 1983 with Scott Bakula, and  videos of non-current Broadway and off-Broadway musical theater

  • Brandon is looking for episodes of Savannah and Models, Inc.

  • Bree has all Baywatch episodes to trade.

  • Brent has many tapes to trade including rare ones like Love Sidney, Sledgehammer, Birds of Prey, Police Squad, and standard shows such as Sex and the City, Survivor, and Batman, as well as many movies.

  • Brian is looking for the Motown special with Brian McKnight and Michael McDonald

  • Brian is desperately seeking a copy of the MFTV film "The Tenth Level".

  • Brian is looking for Tales of Wells Fargo - episode "The Barefoot Bandit".

  • Bryan is looking for standup comedy specials with Drew Carey and/or Stephen Wright.

  • bugg1@frontiernet.net is looking for the TV Movie/mimiseries "Bare Essence", with Genie Francis.

  • Candra is looking for "The Family Tree " episodes (1983 TV series), "A Killer in the Family" (1983 TV Movie) with James Spader & Eric Stoltz, "Family Secrets" (1984 TV Movie) with Melissa Gilbert-Boxleitner, and a Discovery Program (1989 Movie) that contains the following: Hearts of Stone, Greasy Lake, Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall, and The Open Window.

  • NOT TAPES OR DVD'S--Candy has some TV scrapbooks with daytime & primetime stuff; she's giving them away.

  • Carlos is looking for the Arsenio Hall Show; and shows with appearances by Sly & The Family Stone, Muhammed Ali, or DeBarge.

  • Carole  is looking for Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe and America's Junior Miss past pageants The 80's Soap Opera Capitol any and all espisodes. And the following shows that are from the 80's: Strike Force Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Street Hawk that Tracey Scoggins acted in before she was in The Colby's High Mountain Rangers 

  • CCooney582@aol.com is looking to find Smallville season 3 episodes on tape.

  • Cherie needs to find network news coverage of Katrina ASAP for her research project. She can pay for postage/expenses but probably doesn't have much in the way of trading.

  • Cheryl is looking for The Price Is Right episode that aired 2/12/03.

  • Cheryl is looking for the show "Mysterious Ways" and old Guiding Light episodes from 79-81.

  • Chris is looking for the TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but it must be the airing from around 1992, with commercials included.

  • Chris is looking for episodes of the TV sitcom "Hardball" that aired in '94.

  • chrishiatt1973@yahoo.com is looking for a copy of the TV Movie "Dallas: J.R. Returns" (1996) as a gift for his/her ailing mother.

  • Christine is looking for The Howard Stern Show with Def Leppard interview on VHS or audio that aired June 11, 1999

  • Christopher is looking for particular episodes of Dream On (Martin Tupper). He has 20 already, looking to complete the series. 

  • Cindy is interested in Vols. 1-12, 18, 24, 40, & 47 of the Dark Shadows series, and the film "Porgy and Bess" starring Sidney Poitier.

  • Claire's Days Trading

  • Claude is looking for videos by Martina McBride, Olivia Newton-John, and Shania Twain. Please contact him.

  • Craig C has mostly Baseball to offer Baseball TV fans.

  • The Crazy Dude's MST3K Tape Trading Page

  • Crush County Studios is trying to locate some rare video from 1994-1995. The footage they need is a commercial for ST IDE'S BEER with rapper Notorious BIG promoting it. It was a television commercial and it mostly aired on BOX TV Jukebox and other more underground TV Stations. Please, if you have any old videotapes from that era check them for it and any other BadBoy Records material there might be. They will pay you 200 dollars for the commercial alone. They are also also looking for a copy of the Jon Stewart Show featuring the Notorious BIG as an interviewee and performer.

  • Damian is looking for any episodes of WONDERAMA and KIDS ARE PEOPLE TOO, as well as any rare bloopers or outtakes and any funny commercials from current tv.

  • Dan wants any episodes of Mad TV with Artie Lange and has lots of other things to trade.

  • Dan needs to find a video of the Jackie Gleason Show, from the night he broke his leg on the air (he needs it as a gift).

  • Dane is looking for the Hogan Family 2-parter "California Dreamin'" and for episodes of "Drexel''s Class", particulary episode #14 "Beauty and the Beast".

  • Daniel is looking for the show "The Famous Jett Jackson" and the old Disney show "The Jersey".

  • Daniel is looking to trade episodes of American Gothic, so please conact him.

  • Daniel  has Bottom ´s´ up (Rik Mayall), Plump Fiction, Pulp Fiction (Uma Thurman, John Travolta), Blade (Welsely Snipes), From dusk till dawn (Quentin Tarantino), From Dusk till Dawn 2, Bottom Series 3, Life of Brian (Monthy Python), Carrie (Stephen King), and Thinner (Stephen King) and wants: Bottom Live/ Big Number Two Tour; Bottom Live 3: Hooliganos Island; Seinfeld Bloopers; X-Files Bloopers; and Bottom "Fluff".

  • Daniel  is looking for a tape of the Dick Clark New Year 's Eve Rockin' show 2005 aired on ABC.

  • Dave is looking for episodes of "The Judge"

  • David is looking for the show "Dynaman" that aired on USA Network's "Night Flight" in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

  • David wants to find old Howard Stern radio and TV bits (especially audio or MP3 files) and has some to trade.

  • David is looking for the following video footage: Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and MTV Music Awards (1970-1986, preferably with original ads); the shows America's Top 10, Midnight Caller, old Red Sox games, and any vintage MTV segments with ads.  He has a large collection of TV shows and a ton of other things to trade.

  • Days of our Lives tape trading site

  • Dean is looking for any Molly Hatchet videos.

  • Debby is the looking for these shows:The Tick (cartoon) and the episode of Total Recall 2070, "Bones Beneath My Skin."  She has many things to trade.

  • Dennis is looking for any episodes of the old show "Alfred HItchcock Presents".  He has many "Our Gang" shorts and other stuff.

  • Dennis the Menace TV (Tape trading for Dennis the Menace shows)

  • Derrick is interested in local TV newscasts from the early 70s to today, in the following markets: *Knoxville, TN; *Philadelphia, PA; *Pittsburgh, PA; *Nashville, TN; *Memphis, TN; *Tri Cities, TN/VA; *Chattanooga, TN; *Dallas, TX; *Los Angeles, CA; *Phoenix, AZ; *Louisville, KY; *Atlanta, GA; *Milwaukee, WI; *Phoenix, AZ; *Kansas City, MO; *Asheville, NC; and *Winston-Salem, NC.  He is also looking for the following U.S. TV network stuff, all with original commercials only: 1980s Saturday morning network cartoons; The TV movie "Special Bulletin" that aired on NBC in 1983; TV movie "Willa" that aired on CBS in 1979; "Perfect Strangers" episodes; and 1980's U.S. network soap operas.

  • Desiree is looking for a video of the 1979 miniseries with Glenn Ford and an all-star cast called "Beggarman, Thief". It was a sequel to "Rich Man, Poor Man" and originally aired on NBC-TV in late November of 1979.

  • DIGNE@aol.com is looking for episodes of the Superman serial.

  • docdmd40@msn.com is looking for the series "Nowhere Man".


  • Eddie is interested in obtaining a copy of the HBO special "Linda Ronstadt in Concert" that aired sometime in 1980.

  • Edmund's TV News Page

  • eferrucci@aol.com is looking for The Donna Reed episode titled 'The Foundling' and episodes of "8 Track Flashback". Their trading page is at: Eferrucci's Video Page

  • Eric  is looking for the shows "Private Benjamin" and "It's a Living". He has a huge list for trading.

  • Eric is looking for an episode of the early 60's TV series "Empire," starring Richard Egan, entitled: "Seven Days On Rough Street."

  • Eric is looking for a complete copy (with commercials) of the initial Jan. 1977 broadcast of the miniseries "Roots".

  • Eric is looking for tapes of a 1973 TV show called "Chase".  He has Emergency and Adam-12 tapes to trade with someone.

  • Erica is desperately looking for Hughleys episodes, in particular the special musical episode; and the daytime soap Passions, especially the Bollywood episode. She has various shows on tape or DVD to trade.

  • Esther  is interested in finding Arrested Development Episode #48, Making a Stand".

  • Evan's Video Page

  • fesee1@mchsi.com is looking for a copy of the special "Sinbad's Summer Jam".

  • Frances is looking for most of the episodes of "Eisenhower & Lutz".

  • Frank is looking for videos of the syndicated soap "Rituals".

  • Franklin is hoping to find the show "Frank's Place", with Tim Reid (an 80's show). 

  • Gabriel wants to find Broadway musicals, magic shows and any kind of gorgeous stage shows on DVD only.

  • Gary is looking for the Natalie Cole special that ran in 1978 on CBS. Also looking for a show with Sandy Duncan hosting on ABC or NBC; this show consisted of music stars such as Earth, Wind, & Fire, The Commodores, Sha Na Na, The Jacksons, Elo and Gladys Night & The Pips. they were doing track & field events. This was similar to A Battle of the Network Stars Annual Show.

  • George's Video Pages  --Email George

  • Gerann is looking for all episodes of these shows; he has a lot to trade: Streethawk, M.A.S.K., & Inspector Gadget

  • Greg is looking for the Superfriends first season or any Filmation shows (like the  Superman/Aquaman Hour) that refer to the Flash.

  • Greg is trying to find anyone who has videotapes, scripts or transcripts for the show "Sliders", particularly the episode entitled "The Weaker Sex".

  • Gregg is looking for any wrestling footage with Randy Savage and any episodes of American Gladiators, and Seinfeld.  He has hundreds of wrestling videos and Seinfeld episodes to trade.

  • HBSROCKS@aol.com is looking for tapes of Jon Stamos from when he was on General Hospital and the series "Dreams"; for anything of Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan of "One Life to Live") before 1994 and also her appearances in "Something Wilder" (w/Gene Wilder). She has episodes with Smith on OLTL from Nora's surgery until now, and a lot of Jon Stamos on other shows, to trade.

  • Howard Stern Videos!  

  • HW has all of the Hawaii 5-0 episodes to trade.

  • In Case You Missed It

  • introp1969@yahoo.com has all of the episodes of "Rags to Riches" to trade.

  • JAoffer@aol.com is looking for Season 6 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. 

  • Jackie is looking for episodes of The Love Boat and episodes of Chopper One with Dirk Benedict.

  • Jackie The Hardy Boys series from 1995.

  • Jaime is looking for tapes of original CBS broadcasts of about fifteen individual episodes of "WKRP In Cincinnati." To trade, he has SP tapes of many uncut, original-length WKRP episodes, as well as tapes of some other series (e-mail him for titles), and lots of uncut Warner Brothers' cartoons. E-mail him at jaime@weinmans.com or tobiagorrio@yahoo.com

  • James is looking for episodes of "BJ and the Bear" and "Movin On"; he has other "BJ and the Bear" episodes, "Six Million Dollar Man", "The Bionic Woman" and some classic sports tapes from the 80's and 90's to offer in trade.

  • James  has many tapes of "Search for Tomorrow" to trade.

  • James  is looking for an episode of Midnight Caller "With Malice Towards One" and en episode of My Sister Sam, "Patti's Party" on DVD, VHS, or other disk.

  • Japanese Tokusatsu Video Trade

  • Jaspal is looking for all the 19 episodes of the ABC show, "Oh Madeline" - starring Madeline Kahn, which aired in the US between September 27, 1983 to March 13, 1984. He would prefer the shows to be converted onto DVD, but if not, PAL or NTSC VHS is fine. He also would like the full length, 90 minute, episodes of Saturday Night Live from 1975-1987 - particularly the episodes as George Carlin, Steve Martin, Madeline Kahn, Ray Charles, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Tim Curry, Bill Murray, Michael Keaton, Sid Caesar, John Candy, Michael McKean and Sam Kinison as the hosts.

  • Jazzybill's Collection

  • Jeff is looking for an episode of Pacific Blue entitled "Save Serenity".

  • Jen  is looking for lots of stuff, check out her site!

  • Jeremy is interested in obtaining the complete set of the Andy Griffith Show.  He can put all of the shows on DVD for you and has a trusted Ebay rating as docinthebox13.

  • Jerry is looking for collectors who have taped:   Benny Hill, Two Ronnies,   Dave Allen, Father Dear Father and would like to trade for American comedy on Video such as:   Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca, Ernie Kovacs, Milton Berle, etc or dramas: I Led 3 Lives-Richard Carlson or whatever interests you that he can get his hands on.   Also he does have a PAL   machine.

  • Jim is really interested in obtaining copies of older soaps--"As The World Turns," "The Edge Of Night," "The Guiding Light," "Love Of Life," "Search For Tomorrow" and "The Secret Storm" primarily, from the about the years 1960-75.

  • Jim is trying to find out if there is any video tape of a show that  took place in the 60's, during the Watts Riot in LA. It was The Tom Malone Surf and Ski show.

  • Jim's Television Series and Movies

  • Joe is looking for any videos of the "Mr. Peepers" series.

  • John is looking for the MTV video "Lovergirl" by Teena Marie and the video of John Parr in "Naughty Naughty". (it was on MTV TOO!)

  • John is looking for first season episodes of "Sledgehammer"

  • John is looking for the movie "The Pill Caper",   which was a compilation of several episodes of the T.V. show Mr. Terrific.

  • Joseph is looking for a copy of David Rabe's play "Sticks and Bones" aired on TV in the 70s. He also wants to find the classic sitcom Father Knows Best. Also looking for the Simpsons' episode that originally aired 2-11-01.

  • Joseph  is looking for the Simpsons' episode that originally aired 2-11-01.

  • Josh's Underground Videos

  • Joy is looking for tapes or DVD's of the show "Strange Days at Blake Holesy High" AKA "Black Hole High".

  • JRQ401@aol.com has Rare Tv & Variety Shows from the 50's to the 90's, including Disney's "Mr Boogedy" & "Bride Of Boogedy" and also plenty of the following...Dean Martin Show, Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, Shindig, Shivaree, Hulaballoo, Tonight Show, Johnny Cash Show, Tom Jones Show,  American Bandstand, Soul Train, Where the Action is, Upbeat, The Beat, Top Of the Pops, Solid Gold, Dean Martin Show, Andy Williams Show, Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, Johnny Cash Show, Donny & Marie, Sonny & Cher, Captain & Tennille, Flip Wilson Show, Tonight Shows from the 70's, Perry Como Show, Bing Crosby Show, Dinah!, Julie Andrews Show, Award Shows......Oscars, Tony's, Grammy's, AMA, CMA, MTV, Emmy's, etc..., Bob Hope Specials from the 70's, Frank Sinatra Show, Disney Movies.....B.R.A.T. Patrol, Student Exchange, Song Of The South, Outtakes, Bloopers, Unsold Pilots, & much more. E-mail to trade.

  • Judi is looking for episodes of Call to Glory with Craig T Nelson.

  • Julia has the following to trade: T.REX "Born to Boogie", T.REX "Solid Gold" (japanese version), various Sailormoon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi, Ranma, various Japanese Wrestling, and odd odd movies.

  • June is looking for copies of: High Mountain Rangers, Chase, Jessie Hawkes and Hat Squad.

  • Justin needs to find Oprah's Favorite Things 2005 that aired on 11/21/05 for his mom.

  • Justin wants to find some episodes of The Charles Perez Show, which aired 1994-1996.

  • Kamikazi59 has a lot of Japanese anime to trade.

  • Kandi's Eye Candy (NOTE: the email address didn't work the last two times we tried it, but she does have a mailing address.)

  • Karen wants to get the Chicago Hope episode, "Y'Gotta Have Heart" (Originally Aired 9/30/1999) and 3 Party of Five episodes: Point of No Return-Not So Fast & Not Fade Away.

  • Karen Carlton's Trading Page

  • Kathlee489@aol.com is looking for tapes of Mia Kirshner on Jon Stewart 1995; Heather Tom on The Young and Restless 1990-1994; Katie Wright on Loveline; and Devon Odessa on Singled Out.

  • Kei is looking for anything with ice skater Yuka Sato and also looking for the two UK shows "Goodies" & "Doctors in the House".

  • Keith is looking for videos of The Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson.

  • Keith is in search of the BBC series Pennies From Heaven starring Bob Hoskins on VHS Beta or DVD in NTSC format only. 

  • Kelly is searching for American Gothic episodes.

  • Kelly  is looking for the 1979 series "California Fever".

  • Kendall is searching for a TV Special by Lola Falana; there were four of them and they were made in the 70s.

  • Kermit the Frog Tape Trading

  • Kevin is looking for the episode of "Barnaby Jones" with Farrah Fawcett, an episode of "Police Woman" called "Silky Chamberlain", and the pilot episode for "Switch". He has  some television and a huge sci-fi/horror/action/mystery film collection to trade with.

  • kno53@yahoo.com has the complete series of both Dallas and Knots Landing to trade.

  • Kojak's Tape Trade

  • kumeshnee_7@hotmail.com is looking for the entires series of "Santa Barbara" or video or DVD.

  • Lambert is looking for copies of MTV's "Road Rules". He has a huge list of Reality Shows to trade in return.

  • Lamont is looking for old movies from the 30's-50's that were recorded from the 70/s-90's with commercials. He has many movies to trade.

  • Larry is looking for episodes of the CBS drama "Smith".

  • Larry is looking for episodes of MIAMI VICE, LA FEMME NIKITA, and MILE HIGH.

  • Larry is looking for the special "The Sexiest Bachelor in America" hosted by comedian Carolyn Rhea- from 2000. He has many things to trade.

  • Laurie is looking for the following TV Specials: Beauty and The Beast: The Broadway Musical Comes to LA (1995) Tawny Little, Kerry Kilbride, Hostesses.

  • Ledford And Tonia Thomas' Vikings Site  Large site for sports tape trading

  • Lisa is looking for a early 90's TV comedy, starring Matt Frewer, called,"Doctor, Doctor". She has some brit-coms and most MST3K's to trade.

  • Louie is looking for old episodes of Flamingo Road.

  • loveboat805@yahoo.com has all Love Boat episodes to trade.

  • LStrong619@aol.com  is looking for the  UK music show from the 70's called "The Beat Is Back".

  • Lydia is a big fan of Michael T. Weiss and would like tapes of him, such as: the interview that he made at Rosie O`Donnell, Conan O`Brien, Jay Leno etc....Or Geraldo 1988 - Men Soap Only. Or the 4th Annual Soap Opera Digest 1988.

  • Lynne would like to find the CBS special ""Addy and the King of Hearts", which was last in a series of after-school productions. The first was "House Without a Christmas Tree".

  • Macey wants to find a tape of the show "You Ask For It", an episode that featured The Mighty Atlas, Morris Shapiro, doing strong man type feats.

  • Maneesh  wants to find shows with Michael J. Fox in them.

  • Many people are looking for videos of General Hospital

  • Many people are looking for episodes of Savannah or have them to trade

  • Marcus is interested in trading game shows.  He has 2003 episodes of Price Is Right and episodes of "Are You Hot?".

  • Marilyn needs a copy of the Academy Awards that aired in March, 2006.

  • Mark is looking for the TV western series "Cheyenne".

  • Mark wants to find recent ultimate fighting championships ppv's and boxing videos.

  • Maria's Tape Trading Page

  • Mary is looking for Star Search appearances of Rosie O'Donnell.

  • Matinee Video

  • Matt is desperate to get a copy fo the 1996 Tony Awards as a present for his girlfriend.

  • Michael is looking for the movies: The Couch (1962), The Psychopath, &The Scarf (1951)

  • Michael is looking for episodes of Sex in the City, both seasons 1 & 2.

  • Mike's Classics Page

  • Mike is looking for DVDs of Pacific Palisades.

  • Mike Pelletier is in search of these shows or clips and has over 10,000 other clips to trade: The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (1966-1969), American Bandstand (1965-1974), Ed Sullivan Show (mainly late 60's only), This Is Tom Jones (1968-1971), Engelbert Humperdinck Show (1967-1969), Glen Campbell Comedy Hour (1968-1969), Johnny Cash Show (1968-1971), Grammy Awards (1966-1973), Rollin' On The River (1969-1971), Bobby Vinton Show (1972-1974), Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour (1971-1972), Sonny & Cher Show (1973-1975), and the Cher Show (1975-1976).

  • Movie Hunter For Lost, Rare or Hard-to Find Movies or Movie Serials or T.V. Movies or BBC/British TV things...

  • Movie and TV Trading Board

  • My DVD Collection

  • My Private Hell

  • Naj is looking for "Spenser for hire," "Silver Spoons" and "The New Leave it to Beaver Show," "Ohara," "The Master" and "Newhart" on tape or dvd. He has "Knight Rider", "Remington Steele", "Quantum Leap", "Kojak", and many others for trade.

  • Natalie is looking to get a recording of the American Music Awards 2001 and also the People Chioce Awards 2001.

  • Nicholas is desperately searching for any videos of the Young and the Restless featuring Jamie Lynn Bauer (old appearances please), episodes of General Hospital featuring Valerie Starrett as Diana Taylor, episodes of Santa Barbara with Wanda de Jesus as Santanna Andrade, episodes of As the World Turns and Another World featuring actress Vicky Dawson, 1970s episodes of Guiding Light featuring Maureen Garrett, episodes of Emmerdale with Malandra Burrows as Kathy, and any episodes of Showtime's A New Day in Eden. He is also searching for any issues of the magazine Soap Opera Serials.

  • Nicholas Aczel's Video Collection

  • Nick  is looking for any tapes 1981-1983 from WWOR (New York) of All-Star Wrestling or Championship Wrestling. Both shows are WWF shows.

  • Nick's Video Trade

  • Nicole is looking for Good Morning America(7-4-06), Wheel of Fortune:(3-13-06), Sweethearts, Teen Best Friends and Armed Forces Week, 2006 Miss Universe Pageant, All episodes of syndicated version of Weakest Link, Today Show (7-14-06) and Good Morning America Weekend (7-10-05).  Also looking for an ABC Promo from this year that includes casts from different programs such as Jimmy Kimmel and Desperate Housewives, and the song "September" played on it.

  • Niks' Sports Tape Collection

  • Noel is looking for the episode "Weightlessness" of the "Adventures of Mark and Brian" Show, circa 1991.

  • Norman would like the 1985 Highway to Heaven 2-part episode "Thoroughbreds", the Six Million Dollar Man 2-parters "Venus Death Probe" and "Return of Death Probe" and the Seaquest episode in which the Seaquest is trapped in a dead-end future which has only two teenaged survivors in it. To trade, he has the entire Babylon 5 and Babylon 5: Crusade, all but one episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, some original Trek, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager, a few Lois & Clark, some Brother Cadfael mysteries, all of Battlestar Galactica/Galactica 1980, the first few episodes of JAG and a variety of movies (scifi, action, drama, comedy). Email him  for more details, including a movie list.

  • Old South Media

  • Olli's Days Trading site

  • Pamela is looking for Genie Francis's (General Hospital's Laura Spencer, ex-Diana Coville from DAYS) two miniseries, Bare Essence (1982) PT. 1 and PT. 2 (1983). It also aired recently on the Romance Classics Channel.

  • Pat is looking for the miniseries "Back Stairs at the White House".

  • Paul is looking for episodes of "Sledgehammer".

  • Paul is looking for an episode of Howie Mandel's talk show with Yasmine Bleeth as a guest, and also wants Andrea Parker's appearance on Keenan Ivory Wayans show on WB and any episodes of the show "Future Fantastic" in which Gillian Anderson appeared.

  • Paulo has (all in VHS - PAL format) Seinfeld episodes and some Seinfeld extras, Simpsons, Northern Exposure, Fawlty Towers, Johnny Bravo, musical concerts, & lots of films..

  • Pete Maravich Video Central (Email him at feruzzi@aol.com)

  • PROPORTIONGOLDEN@YAHOO.COM is desperately seeking The Adventures of Sinbad, Series 2, and Wolf Larsen's Tarzan (with Lydie Denier); both aired in late 90's on FOX and UPN.

  • QueenXV@aol.com is looking for Y&R episodes with Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart). She would prefer edits but will take any episodes since June 2003 in which he appears.

  • quietstormz@hotmail.com is looking for episodes of Punky Brewster, Different Strokes, and Silver Spoons. Has to trade uncut versions of all 18 Freaks and Geeks episodes and various Master of the Universe & He-Man episodes.

  • Randy is looking for any TV show with Tammy Wynette (VHS NTSC only).

  • Randy has  Song Of The South, Time Tunnel, Green Hornet, Captain Nice, Nanny and The Professor, I'm Dickens He's Fenster, & Love That Bob.  He's looking for: Mr. Terrific, Double Life Of Henry Phyffe, From A Bird's Eye View, Jerry Lewis, Second Hundred Years, Bridget Loves Bernie, and Make Room For Grandaddy. 

  • RB Lady's List 

  • Ricardo is looking for Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman


  • Richard is searching for an episode of Sid Ceasaršs and Imogene Coca's "Your Show of Shows" in which Sid has insomnia, thrashing about. Imogene says he needs to get help. The next scene is the next night and Sid says he saw a therapist and now knows how to get to sleep. He gets in bed, closes his eyes and says "Good night feet, good night ankles", on up through the various parts of his body. Then he finally says, "Good night brain." (pause and angry face) "I SAID GOOD NIGHT BRAIN!".

  • Richard wants to find seasons 4-7 of "Homicide: Life on the Street".

  • Richard is looking for 36 full episodes of Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling with the original air dates and commercials taped from CBS. Here are the 36 full episodes that he needs: Cheaters Never Prosper/The 4 LeggedPickpocket/Andre's Giant Problem, Clean Gene/Gorilla My Dreams/Driving me Crazy, Junkenstein/Small But Mighty/The Wrestler's new Clothes, A Lesson in Scouting/Rock N Zombies/The Duke of Piperton, Robin Hulk and his Merry Wrestlers/The Last Resort/Hog Society, Wrestling Roomates/Bucket/Moolah's Ugly Saloon, MuscleMadness/Ten Little Wrestlers/Big John's Car Lot, The Battle of The Bands/Amazons Just Wanna Have Fun/The Art of Wrestling, Big Top Boobs/The Foster Wrestler/Ballet Buffoons, The Junkyard 500/Ghost Wrestlers/My Fair Wrestler, The Blue Lagoons/SuperflyExpress/JYD'S Junkyard Dog, and Roddy Reforms/The Wrong Stuff/3 Little Hulks

  • Richie  is looking for The 47th Grammy Awards Show.

  • Rick is looking for high quality episodes of Perry Mason (3rd season and later), Dragnet (original 50s version), the Defenders, Highway Patrol, McMillan and Wife (2nd season and later) and other legal/crime shows from the 50s and 60s. He has much he can trade from the 50s through present including complete runs of numerous hard-to-find series such as the Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, Frank's Place, the Champions, WKRP, Thirtysomething,
    Men into Space, Science Fiction Theater, Batman and various others. He also has complete runs of various reality shows (including hard-to-find shows like Murder in Small Town X and the original Lost) and he has every season of such non-US reality series as the British and Australian versions of Survivor and the Mole, the South African version of Survivor, the Asian version of Amazing Race, the original British version of Lost, and the British sequel to Murder in Small Town X, the Murder Game.

  • Rick's Video Tape Library

  • The Rob's Video and Audio Airchecks

  • Rotary711@aol.com is looking for old episodes of the 1970's television series "Paper Chase" starring John Houseman. 

  • Roy wants to find The Howard Stern Show with Paul McCartney on video or audio.

  • RRusso2454@aol.com is looking for "The Mouseketeer Reunion which aired 9/23/80.

  • Ryan is looking for "The Making of Sliders" and has many tapes to trade.

  • Saladbar  is looking to complete her Kojak series. Check out her page at: Kojak's Tape Trade

  • SamJean1965@aol.com  is looking for original network broadcasts of the 3 Gilligan
    Reunion Movies. RESCUE FROM GILLIGAN'S ISLAND: NBC 1978; THE CASTAWAYS ON GILLIGAN'S ISLAND: NBC 1979; THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS ON GILLIGAN'S ISLAND: CBS 1981; and also THE MUNSTERS REVENGE: CBS 1981. He is looking for someone who could have taped them back in those years with their original network promos & commercials.

  • Scott has selected episodes and storylines from One Life to Live from mid-80's to present and many classic primetime series like Knots Landing, Dallas, Dynasty, The Colby's, Beauty and the Beast, Flamingo Road, Falcon Cest, Savannah, Homefront, and many more.....

  • Sean's DVD trading list

  • Sean is looking for videos of The Larry Sanders Show.  He is also looking for a show called "Almost Live!" that was based in Seattle for a long time and was aired on Comedy Central for a brief period in the early 90's.

  • Sean is looking for these shows: First run episodes of Solid Gold ('83-'84 season, '84-'85 season, '85-'86 season, '86-'87 season); We Got It Made (NBC version); American Bandstand (any shows between 1/1/83 and 9/4/86 or from the syndicated season ('87-'88)); The Edison Twins; The All New Mickey Mouse Club (anything from the first six seasons), and any episodes of The Great Space Coaster (remember, episodes and NOT THE SUPERSHOW!!!)

  • Secret Defender's Treasure Chest

  • Shane is looking for episodes of the T.V. show "The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein"

  • Shelby is looking for all six shows of "Nearly Departed", and Entertainment Tonight on the set of "Around the World in 80 Days" in 1989 (4 parts).

  • Sheryl is looking for a show called Campus Cops.  It was a USA network original & aired about 1996 for only thirteen episodes. Apparently it aired on Saturday nights after Weird Science.

  • skapera@umich.edu is looking for any live episodes of PUNKY BREWSTER (not the cartoon) and has episodes of MY SO-CALLED LIFE and BEVERLY HILLS 90210 to trade.

  • Skyler wants to get a copy of Kevin Nealon's CONSPIRACY ZONE. The episode about FEMA.

  • Sloan Richard is looking for whole skits of Jackie Gleason acting as his classic characters of Rudy the Repairman, the Poor Soul, Reggie Van Gleason III and others. 

  • Soloman is looking to trade episodes of "Seinfeld".

  • Sonja wants to get episodes of "Out of This World".

  • Stacey has a lot of General Hospital and other soap stuff, plus other things, so check out her list. She also runs a tape-trading newsletter for the soaps!

  • Steve is seeking very urgently a copy of the "It Takes a Thief" episode titled " An Evening with Alistaire Mundy " - it is an episode where the team sneaks into a traveling circus to kidnap a princess. They wear clown costumes at one point.

  • Steve is searching for episodes of the "Jim J. & Tammy Faye Show", the talk show aired on US television in 1996.

  • Steve is looking for Square One TV episodes #106-107, 133-136, 139, 158, 160-175, 328, 334, 528, 530-532, which all aired on PBS.

  • Steven is looking for "Freddy's Nightmares" episodes as well as any uncut "Friday the 13th" films.

  • Tanya is interested in finding copies of the british shows "'Allo Allo", "Mulberry" and "Waiting For God".

  • Tape Trading

  • Tara  is interested in acquiring tapes from BBC's or PBS' "Upstairs Downstairs", "Spitting Image", and "Meeting of Minds".  She has "I, Claudius" and the complete set of rare Disney's Hercules Animated TV show, featuring JamesWwoods as Hades", "Black Adder" series, "God, The Devil, and Bob" series to trade.

  • TARATPARTY@AOL.COM is looking for The Third Twin, a 1997 made-for-tv movie and will gladly trade for it.  She is also desperately seeking any and all EZ Streets, Murder One, and Sweet Justice episodes. She collects first run movies from the 80's and 90's.

  • Task's Video Trading Site Only viewable in IE

  • thecharmedones@onvol.net is looking for "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" on tape or DVD.

  • The Television Archives

  • Thane's Episode Trading

  • Thane's Episodes Wanted

  • Thomas is looking for a clean copy of the Enterprise episode  "Fallen Hero" (off the satellite). You can also reach him here.

  • TickMich's Video Page

  • Tia is looking for someone who has the Columbia House video set of the Lost In Space tv episodes & would be willing to make copies of certain episodes that are her favorites.  She doesn't want copies taped off the tv, as they are edited.

  • Tim is looking for historic games on tape from pretty much all vintages and sports.

  • Tim  is looking for some episodes of the animated Hardy Boys series 1969-71 and the Alien Nation TV Movies.

  • Todd needs a tape of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno from 10/19/05 when Dakota Fanning was interviewed.

  • Todd is desperately looking for old episodes of One Life To Live from the early 90's with Sarah, Megan, Charlotte, and Gabrielle and autographed photos of All My Children stars.

  • Tom's Tape Trading Page

  • Tom is looking for the movie, "The Whole Shebang", 1993, plus the series' Grace Under Fire, Murphy Brown, Whoopi!, and Hogan's Heroes.

  • Tomroadking1@aol.com is looking for episodes of American Gothic.

  • TOUGHS0B is looking for the "Seinfeld" pilot.  He has many things to trade.

  • The Trade by Gray

  • Tradeland  Trading mailing list

  • TRADELIST Anime Councilng Larger Universes Taimlupin/Timeloyd 

  • Travis is looking for a commercial for Knight Rider that originally aired around July through Sept 1982, saying that "the competition is no competition".  Or any talk show or entertainment show that mentions it.

  • Trish wants to find episodes of "American Gothic".

  • TV2U@aol.com has rare TV & Variety shows from the 40's to the 90's!!! Please email for detailed list.

  • U.S. Military Videos

  • Vee Vee is looking for the second season of HBO's Sex and the City.

  • Venger Trade

  • Victor  is looking for the entire series of "Branded" with Chuck Conners

  • The TV Trader

  • The Video Addicts Hot-Line

  • Wayne needs the show "Before They Were Stars" that aired 11/23/02 on ABC.

  • The West Video and DVD Library has a wide range of shows. Check out this page for a full list.

  • William is looking for the movies: "0 to Midnight" (stars Charles Bronson),  "You Can't Win 'em All" (stars Tony Curtis and Charles Bronson), "Special Bulletin", and "Doctor Who and The Planet of the Daleks".  Also, he is looking for episodes of "Another World" from the 1970's and on up.

  • Yahoo! Groups tape trading list

  • Yvette wants to find tapes of these shows: Matt Houston, Paradise, She Wolf of London, and AKA - Love & Curses.



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